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Request a Recycling Bin

  1. Please complete the form below to request a recycling bin for the Lansdowne Borough recycling program.

  2. The Borough Collecition system accepts a mixed-stream where all of the following are eligible materials:

    • (Soda/Juice/Water Bottles, Milk Jugs, Bleach/Detergent, Shampoo Bottles)
    • Cardboard/Brown Paper Bags
    • Food containers, baby bottles, disposable cups
    • Glass Bottles/Jars (any color)
    • Junk Mail/Envelopes (all types)
    • Metal Cans (tin/steel/aluminum)
    • Newspapers, Magazines, Catalogs

    • Paper (all colors, staples/paperclips are okay)
    • Paperboard (cereal boxes - remove plastic liner, beer and soda carriers)
    • Plastic narrow neck bottles numbered Number 1-2
    • Plastics Number 1, Number 2, Number 4, Number 5, Number 7
    • Telephone/Soft Cover Books

    What not to include:

    • No Dishes, No Pyrex, No Ceramics
    • No Foam Packaging, No Styrofoam
    • No Number 3 (PVC-juice bottles, PVC piping) and Number 6* (PS-styrofoam, such as egg cartons)

    • No Recyclables Containing Food Waste
    • No Unmarked Plastics (laundry baskets/chairs/toys)
    • No Windows/Light Bulbs

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