What are the park rules?

(No) Selling or vending…

-ticketed events


-political event/rally

Some of the park rules are as follows:

(No Loud) Music…

  • Radios/speakers
  • DJ equipment
  • Live music; amplified v acoustic
  • Etc

Food trucks or other mobile catering services,  Moonbounce or other inflatables, Projection of movies, Pony or animal rides: need additional review and approval, prior to your event.  

Please call our office for details 610-284-1493 or email LansdowneParks@gmail.com.

Other Questions, See Park ordinance, below:

“Prohibited Acts”

  • Alcohol or Narcotics 
  • Fireworks
  • Balloons and/or sky lanterns; see Ordinance 2020-01, amendment to Chapter 216, “Littering and Dumping”
  • Sales or soliciting Peddling & Soliciting

See the Borough Code Chapter 235

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16. What are the park rules?
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