Why does it take so long for my road to be plowed?

The Borough’s snowplow program is prioritized on a “greatest impact” basis. A typical storm does not provoke prioritization. When the impact and/or prediction of a significant storm provoke prioritization the following streets will be plowed:

  • Essex Avenue East of Lansdowne Avenue
  • Highland Avenue south of Stratford Avenue
  • Nyack Avenue
  • Owen Avenue
  • Plumstead Avenue
  • Scottdale Road
  • Shadeland Avenue
  • Union Avenue

State Roads

Of note, Lansdowne, Stewart, Marshall, and Baltimore Avenues are state roads and the responsibility of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). This allows residents some mobility within the community and ensures emergency services are as accessible as possible. Once these routes are accessible and the snow has completely or substantially subsided the smaller and less traveled side streets are plowed. During a prolonged and heavy snow event, it may be necessary for the snowplow to remain on the arterial and collector roads for longer periods to keep up with the snow, which can cause a significant delay in getting to the residential streets. Also, your road may be plowed in the middle of the night and, when you wake up in the morning, more snow may have accumulated.

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