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Posted on: November 16, 2022


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You can SAVE MONEY while also making our air healthier for your family! If you buy new holiday lights and lit-up decorations, choose LED ones.

You can SAVE MONEY while also making our air healthier for your family! If you buy new holiday lights and lit-up decorations, choose LED ones. They cost more at first, but they last many more years than regular lights, looking gorgeous up to 10 times longer. When LED lights finally do get old, they don’t burn out; they just get dimmer—so you never have burnt-out bulbs to replace or hassle with (like when one spent regular bulb makes a whole strand turn off—that doesn’t happen with LEDs). And because LED lights use WAY less electricity than regular ones, by using them you’ll definitely save on electricity costs over time.  Your electricity expenses with LED lights can be as much as 90% less than with regular lights!  Using less energy also creates less air pollution, which is good for the climate and for keeping your family’s and community’s lungs healthier.

And hang on—LEDs offer even more advantages! LED lights are safer than regular lights, because they don’t get hot. No burned fingers. No hazards from hot bulbs setting dry pine needles on fire. LED lights are also quite durable.  If you drop a set of regular bulbs, the glass can easily break.  Not so with LED lights. They aren’t made of glass, and you’d have to try hard to manage to break one (maybe by driving over it with a truck!?). This means LEDs are easier to handle and store than regular bulbs—no need to wrap each LED strand up and treat it like it’s, well, breakable.  It’s not.  Plus the colors of LED lights are very vivid, and some come in fun shapes like snowflakes and candy canes. So consider adding some excitement to your decorating this year with LEDs.  It’d be an investment in your longer-term budget and in protecting our planet and health. That’s a win-win for a happy holiday season.

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