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Posted on: July 7, 2021

Survey Shows: People in Lansdowne Care About the Environment

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There is a popular bumper sticker that says, “Think globally, act locally,” and this is the bottom line from the “Lansdowne Environmental Priorities Survey” conducted by the Environmental Advisory Council.

Think globallyA large majority of survey responders put Addressing Climate Change at the top of the list of important environmental issues. Large majorities also view Conserving Energy, Improved Recycling, Air Pollution and Reduced Use of Single-use Plastic Bags as important environmental issues.

About half would consider Buying an Electric Car or Installing solar panels.

Act locally: A large majority have a personal interest in Sustaining Native Plants, Birds, Pollinators and Other Wildlife. The same goes for Preserving and Creating Natural Habitats, Darby Creek Water Quality (Stormwater Management) and Enhancing Parks and Open Space.

From the standpoint of personal interest, Lansdowne residents are actually more interested in these local actions than in climate change.  These are actions where they can get personally involved, and do something tangible for a better environment.  The impact is more immediate and visible, compared to working on climate change, important as the latter is.

About half have a personal interest in Better Pedestrian and Bike Trips (to Reduce Car Trips) and Expanded Hiking Trail Networks. One quarter (still a fairly large proportion) would consider Composting, Switching from Gasoline- to Electric-Powered Lawn Equipment, and moving to Eco-friendly Lawn and Garden Care (Native Plants, Fewer Chemicals).  Also, one quarter would like to learn more about these actions.

Thank you to everyone who responded to the survey! 

  • The survey is still OPEN! If you would still like to participate in the survey, please CLICK HERE
  • See the survey results through July 1, 2021 HERE

See the survey results...
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