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Posted on: July 1, 2021

July 1, 2021 Gateway Slope Notes

07_01_2021 GSN

Gateway Slope Notes #28 - “The Bobcat Excavator is Here!”  


It was so exciting to see the Bobcat E50 Excavator on the project site!  This is such an impressive piece of equipment in that it can excavate so much soil at one time very efficiently.  The E50 Excavator is special in that it can be used in tight areas, such as this project between the Walsh Road driveway and Baltimore Avenue.  It has what is called, “zero tail swing” which means the cab (or body) will never go over the tracks of the excavator.  It’s perfect for tight spaces where you don’t want to damage anything outside the work in such confined areas.  Yet it can perform great excavation.  It looks like the excavator is ensuring that vegetative matter underground is removed - it’s typically at least to a depth of 12” underground. #GatewaySlopeNotes






Gateway Slope Notes #29 – “Construction Sequencing”


There is a lot of regrading happening in the area by the Walsh Road driveway!  So much of the work will take place there because the temporary rock construction entrance is all the way at Scottdale Road, and the construction vehicles have to use the visible grass area at the Baltimore Ave/Scottdale Road intersection for vehicle movements.  You can see the tire tracks in the attached picture.  So basically we are moving along quite well!  So far, these have been the steps: 1.  Conduct a PA One Call to determine location of utilities and have them marked; 2.  Put erosion and sedimentation control measures in place to prevent erosion during construction; 3.  Site Survey and Staking - control points and limits of disturbance; 4.  Clearing and Grubbing; 5.  Site Grading!  So…..We are making progress!  It will be neat to continue seeing this project take shape! #GatewaySlopeNotes




Gateway Slope Notes #30 – “A Lot is Going to Happen Soon!”

So….. in addition to silt fence along Baltimore Avenue, the contractors have now also added Compost Filter Socks.  When you see both of them used together - That means major earth moving is going to start taking place!  As we discussed in a previous Note, compost filter socks are a mesh tube filled with composted materials placed perpendicular to stormwater runoff to control erosion and prevent sediment from going beyond the construction site (via rainfall).  Silt fence does basically the same thing.  It’s great to have both as double protection!  Also, construction trucks were accessing the project from the Walsh Road driveway (the driveway is designated as rear access for the project).  More to come! Stay tuned! #GatewaySlopeNotes






Gateway Slope Notes #31 – “More Work Near Eldon Road”