Street Sweeping

In accordance with the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit issued by the PA Department of Environmental Protection, Lansdowne Borough is required to implement good housekeeping strategies to prevent pollution in stormwater runoff from municipal operations, including roadways. Pollutants collect on the Borough’s roads between rain events from vehicle emissions, winter deicing operations, trash, road wear and tear, and grass clippings from adjacent properties.

Street Sweeping Schedule FINAL

The street sweeping schedule and map provided here show the dates your street will be cleaned. The street cleaning can be more thorough and complete if vehicles are not on the street when the street is cleaned. Much like when there is a snow storm, residents with driveways are asked to use them so the entire street can be cleaned on that day.

Regular street sweeping reduces the amount of pollutants that are conveyed to the Borough’s storm sewer system and ultimately discharge to area waterways and is a common good housekeeping operation to maintain compliance with the MS4 permit. Additionally, street sweeping is essential for the maintenance of the paving, storm water management and the mandated MS4 program that improves the quality of storm water runoff addressing environmental concerns.