Steering Committee

Who is Facilitating and Involved in the Comprehensive Planning Process?

  1. Benjamin Hover

  1. Kelly Bowker

  1. Janet English

  1. Carol Martsoff

  1. Sinoe Naji-Taylor

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Connect the Dots is a women owned stakeholder and community engagement firm based in Philadelphia and Dublin that brings together community and public sector partners to develop innovative and actionable solutions for our towns and cities. We work alongside local collaborators and partners to craft insight-driven engagement processes that foster participation, build consensus, and re-imagine the future of our communities. 

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Urban Research & Development Corporation (URDC) offers consulting services to governments, non-profits and private sector clients. Much of our experience is in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Since 1968, we also worked in Delaware, New York, Connecticut, South Carolina, and other states. URDC’s public sector clients include municipalities, regional entities, and counties. State and federal agencies have also retained us. Our private clients include developers, investors, attorneys, and others involved in development and preservation activities of all types. URDC offers many complementary disciplines and specialties. We complete projects of major scope and impact. At the same time, we are small enough to guarantee personal service on every project – large or small.