Construction Permitting

The portal handles and processes all permits and registrations.

One and two unit construction projects are considered residential.
Construction in excess of two units are commercial and different fees will apply.

Permitting Process:
The permitting process can take up to 30 days from application to approval. The on-line permit processing can reduce the time to approval significantly and is often completed within 24 hours. There is a 3% convenience fee  added to the permit fee for using a credit card. 

1. Apply for appropriate trade permit (building, electrical. plumbing and mechanical).

Documentation required:
- Obtain prerequisite approvals, Zoning Permit and/or HARB Certificate of Appropriateness (if needed).
- Signed contract between property owner and contractor
- PA Contractor registration card and number (if contractor is performing work)
- Drawings, sketches and details of project.
- Commercial projects are must submit sealed drawings
- General Liability and/or Worker Comp Insurance showing Lansdowne Borough as certificate holder. (typically faxed from insurance carrier to 610-623-5533)
-  Contractors and subcontractors working under commercial permits must register with Lansdowne Borough.

2. Fill out application, submit, pay  appropriate permit fees online.

3. Applicant will receive several emails:

- Permit application submission confirmation
- Permit payment submission confirmation
- Permit application approval confirmation and instructions for site posting
- Permit application denial confirmation (insufficient detail, documentation, payment etc.) 

Permit Fees
Residential permit fees can be found at Residential Construction Permit Fees
Commercial permit fees can be found at Commercial Construction Permit Fees

Construction Codes
The Borough is an opt-In community and follows rules and regulations promulgated by the PA Department of Labor and Industry Act 45 known as the Uniform Construction Code as modified by the Local Borough Ordinance and Amendments adopted by the UCC Review and Advisory Council.

To view the Construction Codes of the Borough visit International Code Council
Note: local and state amendments are not included in viewing the codes online from the ICC.

Contractor Registration
Commercial Contractor registration application and fees: Contractor Registration Form

PDF Permit and Form Versions
Building Permit
Electrical Permit
Mechanical Permit
Plumbing Permit
Contractor Registration Form