Rental Properties

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Rental Property Registration Portal

Owners of rental properties are required to register properties/units annually.

Rental Property Registration Process

1. Gather documentation:
     - All owner and property management contact information including 24/7 phone number,email addresses, and tenant list.
     - Emergency contractor contact information, Required.
     - Electronic payment method
2. Register and pay  at the Rental Property Portal.
3. Schedule a rental property inspection for your rental property.
    - If inspection passes w/o deficiencies a rental license will be issued.
    - If deficient, an allotted period of time will be set for making repairs/corrections.
    - Upon re-inspection and /or verification of corrections, a rental license will be issued. 

Rental Properties: General Information 

Rental properties  are regulated by Borough Ordinance 1063.
Ordinance requires annual registration and inspections. 
 Owners and Property Management companies shall provide 24/7 emergency contact information.
Non-local property owners shall designate a local property agent residing onsite or within 10 miles from subject property.
Emergency contractor contact information required 24/7 hours per day,  365 days a year.
Latest yearly Fire alarm certification.
Latest yearly Sprinkler/Standpipe  System Certification, If equipped.
Forms not properly filled in will be deemed not complete and unacceptable to process.
Please be sure to read the Rental License Ordinance Letter regarding additional requirements for your license application. 

Renter’s Rights in Pennsylvania
Questions about your rights as a renter in Pennsylvania, then check this out: Know your rights

PDF Form Version information
2023 Rental Property Registration Application.
Rental License Ordinance Letter
Know your rights
Rental Property Inspection Procedure