Selling a house or business

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Lansdowne Borough Permit Portal

Visit the Portal for all your U & O resale needs, Apply for and pay  for U & O certificates online.

Selling your house or business? 

In accordance with Borough Ordinance, transfer of Any  real property  requires a Property Transfer Permit (U & O ) Use and Occupancy Certificate prior to proceeding to settlement.

Special Announcement concerning  Resale U & O  Certificates 

Please read the special process setup for U & O resale Certificates

Special Announcement

Normal Settlement

  • Owner or agent applies for and pays for the U & O at the Lansdowne Permit Portal -Select Resale Use and Occupancy Certificate
  • Once application is received and paid for, an inspection is scheduled for the property, inside and out. 
  • If violations of the Property Maintenance Code are identified , and inspection report listing those deficiencies is provided to the owner or agent.
  • Once the list deficiencies have been corrected, a reinspection will be conducted to verify items meet code.
  • If all listed item are found to be corrected,  then a Use and Occupancy Certificate will be issued that you may bring to settlement.


  • If  deficiencies  are found and the buyer agrees to correct the listed items after settlement, then the Buyer(s) must apply  and pay for a Conditional Resale Certificate at the Lansdowne Permit Portal - select Conditional  Resale Use and Occupancy Certificate.
  • Buyers must also complete  an Affidavit for Conditional Occupancy Certificate (below)  sign and notarize the form and return it to the Borough  along with a Copy of the buyers driver's license or photo Id. 
  • Upon the Borough receiving that form back the Borough will issue the Conditional Use and Occupancy Certificate to the buyer.
  • Once the Buyer completes repair of the listed deficiencies, an inspection is performed and if found to be Code compliant ,the Borough will issue the permanent Use and Occupancy certificate.   

Properties Sold "AS IS"

Sometimes properties are sold "AS IS" through seller/buyer arrangements, auctions, sheriff sales, HUD,  bank sales, that put the responsibility on the Buyer/agent to Obtain the U & O Resale Certificate ( Property Transfer Permit) as well as the Conditional
Resale U & O Certificate.  

These and be obtained through the following process:

  • Buyer(s) or agent apply and pay for a U & O at Lansdowne Permit Portal -Select Resale Use and Occupancy Certificate
  • If time allows,  an inspection is performed inside and out,  and a List of deficiencies is generated, if found.
  • if  Buyer corrects  the listed deficiencies  before moving in than a permanent Use and Occupancy certificate will be issued to the new owner.
  • If the deficiencies  will be corrected after settlement, or time does not permit inspection of property,  then the buyer or agent must apply and pay for a Conditional Use and Occupancy certificate at  Lansdowne Permit Portal.
  • Buyers must also complete the Affidavit for Conditional Occupancy Certificate (below) sign and notarize the form and return it to the Borough along with  a copy of the buyer's driver's license or photo id. 
  • Buyer(s) or agent arrange for inspection inside and out.
  • If all listed  deficiencies  have been corrected within the time frame on the Affidavit, a permanent  U & O will be issued for the Property.
  • Property can be occupied.

PDF Versions

Application for Use and Occupancy Certificate
Affidavit for Conditional Occupancy Certificate
U & O Inspection Checklist (non-rental)
U & O Inspection Checklist (rental)
Resale Property Inspection Procedure
Commercial Resale Property Inspection Procedure