Frequently asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

New Issues:

If I want to erect a shed, does it require a permit?
All sheds require Zoning permits. Some may require building permits. The difference is pre-built or built on site. Most pre- built sheds do not require building permits unless placed on a new concrete slab at which point then a building permit is required for the concrete slab. The Borough does require plans  as to the  hold down building anchors of how is the shed secure to ground. Most of the time its done with a screw type anchor, the kind they use in RV parks. Some restrictions mandated by the Codes  will be applied. 

Back Yards
Can I concrete my entire backyard?
Several inquiries about cementing over my back yard were fielded this week. It requires a Zoning permit, and   you can not concrete the entire back yard, Zoning code restrictions would apply to impervious surface requirements, and storm water.

How do I file a complaint?

For detailed instructions, please visit complaint  Link

I filed a complaint a while ago. Why is it taking so long to resolve?

 The Borough is required to follow a legal process, determined by civil and criminal procedures, to establish Municipal Code applicability in relation to an alleged violation. The process involves providing notice to the property owner and allowing the owner opportunity to work with the Borough toward the goal of compliance. This can be followed by legal action that may include recording a Notice of Violation against the property owner, the filing of a citation, and possible criminal charges depending on the nature of the violation. These processes may take weeks or months to culminate. Since the goal is voluntary compliance, legal actions are a last resort once informal measures are exhausted.

Some issues that often affect resolving compliance matters:

  • There may be difficulties finding or contacting the owner since there are a high number of absentee property owners and                  rentals in town.
  • The owner may dispute the violation.
  • The owner may have difficulty abating the violations due to the complexities of the case.
  • The owner may choose to pursue the judicial resolution.
  • The judicial resolution is time-intensive and may result in multiple continuations.

I recently received a Notice of Violation for a Code violation. Is this the same thing as getting a ticket? 

No, a Notice of Violation is a written warning to the owner/resident that there is a violation of one or more town ordinances. If the violation has not been corrected after 7 to 14 days, the owner/resident may then be issued a summons into Municipal Court.

I recently received a ticket for a Code violation. What do I do now? 

The Borough of Lansdowne instituted a Instant ticket program where certain violations of the code can be issued an Instant Ticket, The violations so noted, come with a instant fine of $25.00 per violation. Payable within 30 days. The Violations must be corrected within 10 days of the ticket issue date.  Failure to pay or correct the violation will be just cause for Citations being issued against the violator, owner, or legal representative.

Can I remain anonymous when reporting a Code Enforcement  violation?  

Yes. We do not require that you provide any personal information. However, having more information at hand will often assist us in conducting a more thorough investigation. Remember that all information you choose to provide is subject to Public Record laws.

I bought a property from a bank, auction or sheriff sale and need a U & O?

Look under Property Sold "As Is" for the correct path to follow to obtain a U & 0 for properties Bought ’As is" without a U & 0.