Environmental Advisory Council

Ordinance Establishing EAC

In 2018 The Environmental Advisory Council was established to advise Borough Council and Borough Committees, and educate the citizens of the Borough, on matters that affect the quality of the environment in the borough, including those relating to the protection, conservation, management, promotion, and use of natural resources, including air, land and water resources located within the Borough.

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    Hazards of "FOG"

    DID YOU KNOW that FOG is a terrible problem for your home pipes and for sewer systems? FOG stands for “Fats, Oils, and Grease.” Fats that go down drains firm up when they get into the colder pipes in your basement and then underground. Read on...
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    You can SAVE MONEY while also making our air healthier for your family!

    Try these actions recommended by the Lansdowne Borough EAC. Read on...
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