Electronics Recycling

The Borough Sanitation Collection system follows the Covered Devices Recycling Act (CDRA). The CDRA of 2010 was passed to initiate a disposal ban on covered devices, wherein no person may dispose of a covered device or any of its components with their municipal waste. Effective January 24, 2013, covered devices (televisions, computers, computer monitors, and computer peripherals) have been banned from landfill disposal.

From time to time the Borough will conduct an electronics recycling event that my collect more or less than the range of equipment specified in the CRDA. Please look to the Borough Newsletter or the webpage news feed for updates on electronic recycling events.

What's covered under the Covered Devices Recycling Act of 2010 (CDRA)?
The CDRA mandates the recycling of certain categories of e-scrap: computers, peripherals, monitors (anything directly connected to a computer system), and televisions as follows:

  • CPUs/Towers
  • Laptops
  • Computer monitors—CRT and LED/LCD
  • Peripherals (mice, keyboards, speakers)
  • Printers
  • Copiers (desktop and stand-alone)
  • TVs—all types and sizes