Safety Tips

  1. Business Safety
  2. Child Safety
  3. Gun Safety
  4. Older Adults Safety
  5. Online Safety
  6. Safe Shopping
  7. Telemarketing Fraud

Attractive Business

Make your business more attractive to customers and less attractive to robbers.

  • Check: Keep alert at all times, checking for loiterers or people watching your business.
  • Clean: Keep your business clean and free of clutter.
  • Eliminate: Locate and eliminate potential escape routes or hiding places.
  • Greet: Make eye contact as you greet everyone who enters your business.
  • Little Cash: Keep a minimal amount of cash on hand.
  • Mark and Post: Mark doorways with proper heights; post your minimum cash policy and the penalty for armed robbery.
  • Visible: Never restrict the view into your store; maintain maximum visibility.
  • Two People: Establish a policy of using two people to open and close your business; use a set of prearranged signals for "all clear."

Crime Prevention

For additional information call our Crime Prevention Officer at 610-623-0700.