Lush Green ParkGeneral Information

All parks close at dusk, with the exception of the Lansdowne Landing which closes at 10 p.m. Permits are required for the use of the fields and tennis courts for teams. Group use of the parks (20 people or more) requires a permit from the Parks and Recreation Department.

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Belmont Park 

Location: Belmont and Plumstead Avenue
View Map of Belmont Park
Description: 3.9 acres with basketball courts, play equipment, swings, and picnic tables.

Borough Green 

Location: Lansdowne and Baltimore Avenues
View Map of Borough Green
Description: At the center of town, directly in front of the Municipal Building.

Hays Park

Location: Nyack and Sayers Avenues
View Map of Hays Park
Description: 1.2 acres with:

  • Basketball Courts
  • Picnic Tables
  • Play Equipment
  • Swings

Hoffman Park

Location: Scottdale Road
View Map of Hoffman Park
Description: 8 acres with:

  • Baseball and soccer fields
  • Basketball and tennis courts
  • Bathrooms
  • Picnic pavilion/tables
  • Play equipment

Interboro Park  

Location: Cedar and Walnut Avenues
View Map of Interboro Park
Description: 3 acres with basketball courts and play equipment

Lansdowne Landing 

Location: 30 N Lansdowne Avenue
View Map of Lansdowne Landing
Description: A pop-up park located at the municipal parking lot between Lansdowne and Owen Avenues.

Marlyn Park 

Location: Willowbrook and Marlyn Avenues
View Map of Marlyn Park
Description: 3 acres, passive park.

Pennock Woods

Location: Pennock Terrace
View Map of Pennock Woods
Description: 6.5 acres of County open space with Lansdowne Bird Sanctuary.

Reservoir Park 

Location: Greenwood and Ardmore Avenue
View Map of Reservoir Park
Description: 1.4 acres, undeveloped.

Shrigley Woods 

Location: Scottdale and Hilldale Roads
View Map of Shrigley Woods
Description: 6.5 acres of undeveloped County open space.

Sycamore Park 

Location: LaCrosse and Wycombe Avenues
View Map of Sycamore Park
Description: 1 acre meditative setting with benches. Home of the symbol of Lansdowne, its 300 plus-year-old Sycamore tree.

Veterans Park

Location: 30 North Lansdowne Avenue
View Map of Veterans Park
Description: A shaded place to rest across from the historic Lansdowne Theater.