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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Police / Public Safety

The Lansdowne Police Department was established shortly after the Borough was incorporated on June 7, 1893. Although the origin of the records is difficult to trace, we have determined that the first Lansdowne Police Officer was William Rementer, who was appointed on November 1, 1893. Officer Rementer went on to become the first Police Chief of Lansdowne and served in that capacity from May 1, 1903 until March 10, 1905.

Since the formation of the police department, there have been 112 officers pass through our ranks and we have served under the command of 10 different police chiefs. Over the years there have been members who held the ranks of Assistant Chief of Police, Captain and Lieutenant but currently the department rank structure only contains Patrolman, Sergeant, Detective and Chief. Pennsylvania requires all police officers to undergo certain training on an annual basis to maintain firearms skills, first responder skills and to stay current with changes in the law. The Borough does not employ part-time police. Police protection is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Project Childsafe comes to Delaware County
Delaware County Police will provide free firearm safety kits to local residents through a partnership with Project ChildSafe. The safety kits include a gun lock…
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Public Safety

Yard Sale Public Safety Top 10

10. Watch the Streets. With all of the pedestrians around and vehicles moving about, watch out for all of those crossing the streets – especially children. Drive carefully when browsing the borough.

9. Mind your Power supply & cords. Many people want try it before they buy it with your old appliances. Be mindful of not overloading your circuits and that your extension cords do not pose tripping hazards.

8. Stock up on change & small bills – When bargains are to be had it is easy to run into the situation where you do not have enough change to handle the various twenty dollar bills coming your way. Although many of the local banks will be prepared to provide you change on Yard Sale day, this will pose problematic if you are the only one manning the fort. Also, be wary of being asked to make change for very large bills – you can direct those folks to one of the banks who will be happy to make change and you will also shift off the risk of taking a counterfeit bill.

7. Stash the Cash – Yard sales are generally cash and carry affairs. You should be wary of accepting checks from people you do not know as they may be fraudulent. Accordingly, take time now and then to put a portion of your wad of cash someplace secure so that you do not lose it or worse. Loose cash can easily be claimed by anyone, and it is better to reduce the risk of loss by not keeping a large sum on your person.

6. Label what you are selling ahead of time. By having a system set up there will be no arguments as to what is actually for sale or the asking price. Using your own unique labels and markings will help you make sure that someone is not putting on their own labels or that your selling partners don’t let someone get away with the undersale of the year.

5. If you kick it to the curb – it may go for a ride. Like in stores, product placement is important in yard sales. If you place documents further away from your station and closer to the sidewalk or street, they may go for a walk without you noticing it.

4. It’s Yard Sale, not a House Tour. Try to keep everything that is for sale outside. Allowing a stranger into your home gives them a pass to case the joint and takes the interaction out of public view. Things are less likely to happen when cars are rolling by – including our police patrols. Be particularly wary of persons who may wish to use your bathrooms and “see what else you have inside”. Our local businesses would be happy to accommodate shoppers restroom needs as are the many local religious institutions that will be open to the public for their sales.

3. Sweat the Small Stuff – Small valuable like jewelry should be vigilantly watched or kept in an area where only you can provide access. These items are the easiest to go missing during a yard sale.

2. Mind the Store – Leaving your stuff unattended is an open visitation to persons to think that you are done for the day and everything left outside is “free”. TMore importantly, make sure access to your home is secure. Many people will be wandering around and may think they have tacit permission to go inside.

1. Use the Buddy system – One is the loneliest number on yard sale day, but more importantly, having a partner not only makes the sale more enjoyable (sharing stories during slow moments, etc), but also adds another layer of security for needed bathroom breaks, food & change runs, and related breaks. If you have a cellphone, keep on you, our officers are always less than a mile away from you in the event of an emergency. Our officers are willing to check anything out, so if you have the slightest suspicion that something is amiss, do not hesitate to contact 911.


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