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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Lansdowne Borough Past Helms Winners

2008 Helms Award winner

Tony Campazano and Family are on hand as Tony receives the2008 William C. Helms Award. The Helms Award singles out a Lansdowne resident who has made a significant contribution to our community. Congratulations Tony!
2007 Helms Award Winner

"Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you. I have received that," said Mary Lou Jennings when she accepted Lansdowne’s prestigious Helms award at a recent borough council meeting.

Also on her service list were a number of Ardmore Elementary School projects for which she volunteered. She taught religious education at St. Philomena School and she was a member of the Twentieth Century Club.

Currently she is president of the Lansdowne Tree Advisory Board and has been instrumental in getting 150 trees donated to the borough by Tree Vitalize in the last two years. To keep better control and reduce loss of trees, she is vehemently working to create a Lansdowne Shade Tree Commission.

Pictured: (from left) Dr. Miller, Mayor Jane Deshong Felix, Nancy Runk, Fred Egner and Bertha Phillips with Mary Lou Jennings and Mayor Jayne Young

2005 Helms Award Winner

This years Helms Award Winner is Richard Burke.Joining him are past Helms Winners, Mayor Jack Rankin, Charlene Henessey, Nancy Runk, Berth Phillips, Mary Kay Bowden, Mayor Jayne Young and several family members including his wife, Katie.
2004 Helms Award Winner

Marykay Bowden is the 2004 Recipient of the “Helms Award”. This award is given annually to a resident of the Borough who performs “service beyond all recompense”. It is named for former Mayor William Helms. Marykay receives the Helms Award from Mayor Jayne Young as past recipients look on from left: Elise De La Cova, Former Mayor Jack Rankin, Bertha Phillips and Fred Egner (obscured).

2003 Helms Award Winner

Fred Egner is the 2003 Recipient of the "Helms Award". This award is given annually to a resident of the Borough who performs "service beyond all recompense". It is named for former Mayor William Helms.
2002 Helms Award Winner

2002 “William E. Helms Award” recipient Elise DeLaCova (second from right) with Mayor Jayne Young. Named for the late Mayor William E. Helms, who served in that position for 16 years, the award is given in recognition of a Lansdowne resident who gives “service beyond all recompense” through Borough activities. Also pictured (left to right) are former award recipients Former Mayor Jack Rankin, Matt Schultz, Helen Barcalow, Nancy Runk and Bertha Phillips.
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