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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

2010 Satisfaction Survey

Preparer’s Information:
How long have you lived in Lansdowne:
Where do you live?:
(Street number not necessary)
Age of the people at the above residence:
How many Parks & Recreation Department-sponsored events/programs did you attend in 2009:
(Please list all that apply)
What event or recreation program did you enjoy the most and why?:
What event or recreation program did you enjoy the least and why?:
What other associations, community groups, and events are you involved with outside of Borough offerings?:
Do you find the variety of events and programs offered by the Borough appropriate?:
If not, please explain
Are the number and type of events offered throughout the year appropriate?:
If not, please explain
How did you learn about the Lansdowne Parks & Recreation Department’s events and facilities?:
Are there any additional events or recreational programs you would like to see the Borough offer?:
Were there any interesting events/classes offered, but the cost prevented you from enrolling or participating?:
Are you aware that Lansdowne has 9 parks?: Yes
Do you use any of these facilities?: Yes
What facilities do you use?: Belmont Park
Hays Park
Hoffman Park
Interboro Park
Marlyn Park
Reservoir Park
Sycamore Park
Pennock Woods (County Park)
Shrigley Park (County Park)
What type of recreational activity do you enjoy in the park?:
How frequently do you use the parks?: Daily
2-3 times a week
a few times a month
a few times a year
How would you like to see the recreation programs improved?:
Are there any improvements the Borough could make to one or all facillties to improve thier quality?:
(Please attach additional documentation or comments if necessary.)
Please provide us with any comments you would like to add to help us improve Lansdowne’s Parks & Recreation facilities and program offerings:

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