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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

2010 – 2002 Events

2010 Events

December 2, 2010

Free Film Screening: Pray the Devil back to Hell – FREE ADMISSION

Don’t miss the award-winning documentary Pray the Devil Back to Hell

Please join the Lansdowne No Place for Hate Committee on Thursday, December 2, for the screening of a very moving film, Pray the Devil Back to Hell, the story of the civil war in Liberia that ended in 2003 when the women of the country interceded to bring the warring factions to the peace negotiations.

The film will be shown at the Lansdowne Public Library at 7 pm on December 2. Popcorn provided, bring your own beverage.

There is a large population of Liberians who live in or near our community. Please feel free to spread the word about this event to your Liberian friends, neighbors, and co-workers who may wish to attend.

October, 2010

Participated in Community Day at the Lansdowne Farmers Market in August and October, 2010.

August 18, 2010

Screening of film “SKIN” – The Movie.

March 19, 2010

March 19, 2010
7:00 p.m
Lansdowne Public Library

Please join us for this free screening of the 1951 film noir Storm Warning. The Lansdowne Library History Forum will have it’s lecture the preceding evening at 7:30 p.m. on the KKK. The post film discussion will focus on witness intimidation and “snitching”, as well as the Klan in general.


Sponsored by: Lansdowne Public Library & Lansdowne No Place for Hate Committee

March 18, 2010

Thurs., March 18, 2010, the Lansdowne Library History Forum will have it’s monthly lecture at 7:30 p.m. in the Bany Room of the Lansdowne Public Library – History Forum The subject is the Ku Klux Klan. Although it would be nice to always have NPFH events accentuate to positive, we must always remember and be aware of the real threat of Hate Groups that still exist today. I, for one, am looking forward to learning more about the KKK’s origin. The opportunity to screen a film at the Library the next night presented itself and it seemed natural to continue the theme of the KKK. I originally considered “Birth of a Nation”. But at 3 hours running time, it wasn’t practical. I settled on a little known film from 1951 called “Storm Warning”. Storm Warning (1951) It is a classic film noir with some of the leading stars of Hollywood at the time. All right…Ronald Reagan is in it. Ironically, although the film is about the KKK, it is not about racial issues. The Klan’s victim is a white under cover reporter who was going to expose them. No matter. The violence, fear, and isolation are believably portrayed. One topic for discussion after the film will include the concept of “snitching” when one has witnessed a crime.

I hope you will join me for one or both of these events. The film is free and will be shown at 7p.m. in the Bany Room of the Lansdowne Public Library. Bring your own beverage. Popcorn will be provided. As always, I am looking for a few volunteers to help set up/ clean up, distribute NPFH materials, and sign up new members.

Donald Verlenden
Lansdowne NPFH chairperson

January 26, 2010

Dear NPFH members,
A quick recap of the MLK Day events before moving on to Feb. events.
I attended the YMCA breakfast service at Drexelbrook, which was very inspiring and
worth every penny of the admission price. The food was excellent and plentiful. The
keynote speaker, author Lorene Cary, was terrific, especially if you had read any of her
books. The musical tribute was provided by the Prayer Chapel Choir of Upper Darby.
Next year I would really like for Lansdowne NPFH to be a co-sponsor of this event. At
the minimum, we should reserve a ten seat table for ourselves. There were probably
about 200 people in attendance. After the breakfast, I hurried over to Penn Wood High
School in Lansdowne for their student production. A bit smaller in scale, but no less
enthusiastic and sincere. I spoke briefly about the NPFH program. Afterward, in the
school cafeteria, NPFH materials were distributed. Eight new members were added to
the NPFH mail list. A few hours later, about 30 people gathered together again for our
“Day of Service” volunteering at the 2 Manor Care facilities in Yeadon. I think the
residents of the Nursing Home really appreciated our visit. It also gave our High School
students a chance to meet their elders in a setting that may have been new to them. I
would like to repeat this partnership with the William Penn School District’s Home and
School Assoc. next year for MLK Day 2011.

Donald Verlenden
Lansdowne NPFH Chairperson

January 18, 2010

Download Flyer

We will be celebrating the LIFE and DREAMS of


Assembly MONDAY ~ JANUARY 18 , 2010 at 9:30 AM in the School





Preformaces by:
On Star Production, Inc.
PWHS Student Council
William Penn Staff

Think about this – what is YOUR dream for:
Yourself? Your family? Your community? Your country? Your world?

2009 Events

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
Photos from our 2009 July 4th Parade
Community Day

2006 Events

2006: Special Events And Programs At The Lansdowne Public Library And In The Borough

Book Presentation- Featured a book and DVD presentation to the Lansdowne Library.

March For Peace- There was a march down Lansdowne Avenue to celebrate peace and diversity and to take a stand against hatred and bigotry in all forms.

Feature Film: Crash- The film challenges audiences to question their own prejudices as it dives headlong into the diverse melting pot of post-9/11 Los Angeles while examining fear and bigotry from multiple perspectives.

Feature Book: NIGHT- Elie Wiesel is the author of the NIGHT. It is a terrifying eye-witness account of the death of his family and of his innocence at a Nazi.

February 2006: Our annual community gathering was held in February 2006 at our community center. A local band was the featured family entertainment and light refreshments were served.

Author Book Reading: GRANDMAMA’S PRIDE by Becky Birtha, Lansdowne resident- Becky’s inspiring story about a family’s dignity and strength is based on real events and memories of the 1950’s when she and her mother and sister would travel down south by bus to visit Grandma.

Teen Reading Group: IN MY HANDS by Irene Gut Opdyke- This book recounts the experiences of the author who, as a young Polish girl, hid and saved Jews during the Holocaust.

WOMEN IN LITERATURE GROUP: READING LOLITA IN TEHRAN by Azar Nafisi- Professor Nafisi resigned from her job as professor of English Literature at a university in Tehran in 1995 due to repressive government policies. For the next two years, until she left Iran, she gathered seven young women, former students, at her house every Thursday morning to read and discuss works of Western literature forbidden by the new regime. They used this forum to learn to speak freely, not only about literature, but also about the social, political, and cultural realities of living under strict Islamic rule.

May, 2006: Children’s Story Times- During the month of May the Library featured age-appropriate books that honor the mission of No Place for Hate.

2005 Events

January 25, 2005: Lansdowne Public Library Project created a reading list for residents (4 age groups, adult, young adult, elementary and preschool) dealing with subjects of interest to the NPFH program. They compiled a list of titles currently available and then planned to fund raise to add titles to the library. Once complete the plan was to promote and publish the list on the web and in our newsletter.

February 25, 2005: Community diversity gathering, with food and Multicultural entertainment. I Love Lansdowne (A No Place for Hate Community) which was the third annual No Place for Hate gathering, was held on Friday, February 25, 7-9 pm. Featured: The first light team, Bluegrass, folk, gospel music, and dance (African and jazz dance). All ages welcome. Admission was free and Refreshments were served.

May, 2005: No Place for Hate Month at Library (included a display, book marks, donated books, discussion group for “Nickel and Dimed”.) No Place for Hate committee participated in other community events/festivals. All of the “story times” during the month of May were devoted to the “No Place for Hate” theme, with four different times each week for “story time” by age group. The Women’s Literature book discussed “The Secret Life of Bees”. The bookmarks were available at the library.

2004 Events

May 1, 2004: We had an annual Town Wide Yard Sale. This event was well publicized and attended. The NPFH committee organized a Great American Bake Sale and used it as an opportunity to promote the HPFH program. We held the bake sale on Borough property with the NPFH banner displayed. We had on the table NPFH literature for distribution.

October 25, 2004: The members of the NPFH committee gathered with representatives from our community and neighborhood church congregations to proceed from our main street to the Borough Hall. Our guest speakers were Father David Benz from St. Philomenia’s Catholic Church, Doctor Nancy Holt pastor of the Lansdowne Presbyterian and Pastor Timothy Thompson-Holh from the Lansdowne Methodist Church and Pauline Garcia, Project Director NPFH ADL. Over 200 community members attended as well as our entire Borough Council. The goal was to promote the NPFH program and present a venue for like-minded neighbors to express their support. This event was planned in response to some negative protesting of Gays, Lesbians, and choice in our borough. Many of our citizens have expressed a desire to speak out against hate and bigotry and this was a positive forum for their voice.

2003 Events

November 21, 2003: We held the “Snowflake Gathering’. We entertained and served snacks to over 100 residents. See flyer, pictures and press release attached. Several bags of food items were collected to replenish the Interfaith food cupboard. All ADL and NPFH literature was made available in our community info. table.

2002 Events

May 31, 2002: Ardmore Avenue School located in Lansdowne had a whole school assembly as directed by the Assistant Superintendent. The Theme of this assembly was “respect”. Each grade level was required to make a presentation to the whole school on the theme of “respect”. Third Grade made posters, which were then hung through out the school building. Second Grade sung songs. Fifth and sixth graders participated in role-playing. Fourth grade presented poetry. In addition, a “Respect Pledge” was signed by the entire school community (copy of one grade level pledge enclosed). The school guidance counselor visited each classroom to teach a lesson on “respect”. Teachers will nominate one student from each class to receive a special “Respect” award at the December Awards assembly.

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