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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Borough Newsletter – Spring 2007

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Mayor’s Column by Jayne Young

If you ever visit and utilize the "May We Help You?" navigation your request for help ends with me. I believe if one person asks a question there are probably many more that need the answer so I am going to share some of the recent inquiries. If I have not answered your question in this column please feel free to visit me on the web and send your own "May I Help You?" e-mail.

Do I need a permit for a block party? Yes, and in order to get a permit for a block party you must first get a signed petition from all the neighbors on the block you wish to close. This petition should list the nature of the event, and the contact person. This should be done several weeks before the day of the event so that the borough has time to complete what has to be done on our end. Keep in mind that some roadways cannot be closed because of high traffic, SEPTA bus routes, or state controlled roads. If the permit is granted, barricades will be dropped off prior to the event and it is the responsibility of the organizers to place the barricades in position at the start and take them down at the end of your event.

Help? There is a pothole on Stratford Ave. that needs repair ASAP. It’s getting pretty bad. Can this be added to the repair list? Thanks for the e-mail we will add this one to the list. Let us know if you find more.

When is the Town Wide Yard Sale? This year’s sale is scheduled for May 5th. Call Betsy at borough hall at 610-623-7300 ext. 5 to add your name to the list.

How do we schedule bulk pick up? Call borough hall or use the web site tool to schedule a pick up.

We just moved here. What are the rules about trash disposal? Trash has to be securely bagged and in an appropriate trash container. Trash is picked up by our sanitation workers from the back of your house. Recycling is picked up curbside.

I need a recycling bin. Where do I get one? Recycling bins can be obtained by calling borough hall at 610-623-7300 ext. 5

Some of my neighbors forget to put their dog on a leash when out. Isn’t there a law? Pennsylvania has a leash law that requires all animals to be either on leashes or secure in their yards. This also includes cats. Animal Friends of Lansdowne is a great resource for animal issues. You can contact them through their web site www.animalfriendsoflansdowne.

Where do I get a dog license? You can purchase a County Dog License at the Lansdowne Police Station, 12 E. Baltimore Ave. between the hours of 8:30am and 10:00pm Monday through Friday. The fee is $8.50 but is reduced to $6.50 if your animal is neutered or spayed.

Where do I get a parking permit? They are available at the police station/Borough Hall at the corner of Baltimore and Lansdowne Aves. Borough Hall is open from 8:30am to 10:00pm Monday through Friday. The cost is $40.00 per year. $4.00 per month if you buy one mid year.

I am having a problem with my neighbor and our shared driveway, does Lansdowne have any regulations? Shared driveways can often create conflict. Lansdowne does not have any ordinances concerning them but rather encourages neighbors to be kind and considerate to one another.

My neighbor’s tree dropped a big branch on my lawn – who has to clean that up? When a branch falls from a tree it belongs to the property on which it falls. To be nice, I think the original owner of the tree branch should help clean it up.

I hate litter! Can you remind residents to clean up? I also hate litter and pick it up when I can. We all should. A clean town is a happy town.

Where do I report a burned out streetlight? If a streetlight is out call the police department 610-623-0700 and report its location.

I live on Congress and thought I lived in Lansdowne. My neighbors tell me I live in Upper Darby. Who is correct? We share 19050 with parts of Upper Darby, Drexel Hill, East Lansdowne and Yeadon. If you live North of Marshall Road then you live in Upper Darby.

Along with these everyday residential concerns, I get e-mails from outsiders interested in moving to Lansdowne. They ask about banks, crime, schools, community activities and volunteer opportunities. I am thrilled when those requesting information become residents and join us in calling Lansdowne home.

Michael Sheehan Awarded First Annual Betty Merlino Service Award

LibraryThe mission of the award is to honor the service and dedication Betty Merlino has shown the Lansdowne Public Library, by identifying others who show the same kind of dedication and service to the library.

For over thirty years Michael has been a dedicated library employee. In addition to the outstanding service he provides to the Library’s many patrons, twenty years ago he created the History Forum. Each year, Michael and his Forum partner Neil Ronk lead in depth monthly discussions on topics relevant to world events. This year, they are exploring the history of the conflict in the Middle East to promote an understanding of today’s situation. The History Forum is consistently one of our most well attended programs.

Outside of the library, Michael is a teacher at Neumann-Goretti High School. He and his wife, Dr. Rissana Avelino, have two wonderful daughters, Anna and Sophia.

Get Ready for Summer Reading at the Lansdowne Library!

Summer is here and the place to be is the Lansdowne Public Library.
MysteryDid you know?
The library invites children from birth to teen to join our Summer Reading Program. This year’s theme is "Get A Clue". We have 6 weeks of mystery fun planned for the kids. We offer Story times, children’s book discussion groups, craft programs, Teen Dinner Mystery Nights, family matinee movies and special entertainment all summer long.

This years "Science in the Summer" theme will be "Electricity". (Registration starts on June 22nd, and classes are filled by a lottery system).

We also have an incentive program that will keep the children reading all summer and having fun!!

Upcoming Events:

Special Family Movie Night and Teddy Bear Sleepover – Friday, June 18th 7:00 PM – Ages 3 and up

PetsJoin us for a special night at the movies and bring your stuffed animals and teddy bears. Then the animals, (not the children), get to spend the night at the library, making crafts, reading and having fun. Come back Saturday to pick up your animals and see pictures of all the fun they had.
(FREE—Registration is required.)

Summer Reading Kick-Off Show – With "Piccirillo Sciencetelling" Monday, June 18th at 7:00 PM. For all ages.

Join us for "Piccirillo Sciencetelling"; Using science experiments to tell stories you will be able to experience the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings of the story.
(FREE—Registration is required.)

All programs, activities and prizes are FREE, but you must register to be part of the Summer Reading Club.
Registration begins Monday, May 28th and all programs are filled on a first come first serve basis.

For more information, please call Miss Wendy, the Youth Services Coordinator at the library, at 610-623-0239 Ext. 5 or come in and visit us.

Join Us For Summer Fun

Lansdowne Recreation Department
Summer FunBig Band Dance June 2nd – Adult

Tennis Tournament June 2nd

Tennis Clinic TBA

Movies In the Park June 9th – Family

Pony Day Camp June 9th – Children

Tree Tenders Course September 11th, 18th, and 25th – Adult

* Wednesdays Live * Starting In June – All ages – Days and Times Listed

  • 6/20 – Elmwood Park Zoo (1:00 PM)
  • 6/27 – Dave Fiebert (Puppet Show) (1:00 PM)
  • 7/4 – NO SHOW – Happy 4th of July
  • 7/11 – David Smith (Juggler) (10:15 AM)
  • 7/18 – Mr. Malcolm (Interactive Storyteller) (10:15 AM)
  • 7/25 – Peter Taney (Musical Performer) (10:15 AM)

Look for more information coming soon.
For questions about these or any other programs, please contact the Recreation Department at 610-284-1493.

News From Your Borough Offices

Residents Can Improve Lansdowne’s Sewer System
Lansdowne residents have an important role to play in improving our sanitary sewer system. Without knowing it, many property owners may be contributing to the flow of unwanted storm water entering sewer lines. This extra flow may not seem like a major problem, but when Lansdowne experiences a heavy rainfall it can cause sewage to back up into homes and businesses or overflow manholes and run down our streets.

Lansdowne owns and maintains about 30 miles of sewer pipe or "mains." Sewage from Borough homes and businesses flows into this public system through privately-owned "laterals" or pipes that connect them to the sewer mains, which are usually located in the street. The Borough-Owned pipes carry the sewage to a large "interceptor" pipe located along the Darby Creek. From there the sewage makes its way to a treatment facility. Each year the Borough pays the Delaware County Regional Water Control Authority (DELCORA) to treat the sewage. These charges are reflected in your annual sewer fee.

During heavy rainstorms large amounts of water, which is supposed to flow into the separate storm sewer system, instead often finds its way into the sanitary sewer system. The technical term for this problem in Inflow and Infiltration, or "I and I", and its source may be your home.

Homes that have downspouts connected to the lateral are contributing Inflow by bringing rainwater directly into the sewer system. Likewise, floor drains and sump pumps connected to the lateral are also sources of Inflow. Even the curb vents in your yard or sidewalk may play a role. If the vent is loose or lies low relative to the surrounding land, rainwater can enter and flow into the sanitary sewer system.

Infiltration is a less obvious problem because its source is underground. Tree roots can cause breaks or cracks in your lateral, allowing water in the ground to seep into the broken pipe. Sections of sewer pipe under your yard may have separated over time, again providing a way for water into the sanitary sewer.

Most people don’t realize how minor sources of "I and I" can add up to a major problem. One or two downspouts connected to laterals may not seem like a big deal, but when downspouts from several hundread homes are tied into the sewer system, they can create a major surge during a rain storm. And even if "I and I" isn’t having a direct impact on your property, it could be contributing to a sewer back up into your neighbor’s basement down the street.

"I and I" isn’t limited to private homes and businesses. Public sewer mains also become broken and cracked, and water can seep through the joints in brick manholes. So the solution to "I and I" can only come through the efforts of both Borough government and residents.

This issue is more important now than ever. Traditionally what DELCORA charged each community for sewage treatment was based on the number of households in the town. Starting in 2008, however, every municipality will begin to pay for sewage treatment based on the volume each contributes to the total as measured by meters. The more volume a community contributes, the more the community will pay.

So we need to start reducing Inflow and Infiltration now. The Borough has just completed a three-year program to televise all the public sewer mains in Lansdowne. Using this information, a plan will be developed to repair and better maintain the public sewers. Residents can do their part. If you have a sump pump connected to the sanitary sewer, disconnect it and instead let it drain onto the yard. Likewise, disconnect any downspouts that lead into the sewer. Efforts like these can make a big difference.

Residents who would like to discuss ways to reduce Inflow and Infiltration on their properties can call the Borough Code Enforcement Department at 610-623-7300 x210.

No Place for Hate Recruiting New Committee Members

NPFHAre you proud of your community? Do you celebrate the diversity that is Lansdowne? Would you enjoy planning and executing positive activities and events that support the continued success of our town?

If your answer is yes, then Lansdowne’s No Place for Hate committee would welcome your participation. No Place for Hate is a program of the Anti-Defamation League. Lansdowne earns its designation as a No Place for Hate community each year, by implementing at least three activities that support the program’s mission of working against discrimination and intolerance of all kinds.

The committee presently meets on the 4th or 5th Tuesday of each month at 7pm at Borough Hall. All are welcome to attend. For further information about Lansdowne’s No Place for Hate committee and activities, please click here, or contact Mayor Jayne Young.

May is No Place For Hate Month. Join us at the following:

Wed, May 30thFeature Book Discussion at the Lansdowne Library (book to be determined) 7pm

Lansdowne Folk Club – Upcoming Shows

Folk ClubJune 7 – The Reverend Peyton and his Big Damn Band

Located at 84 S. Lansdowne Avenue, Lansdowne, PA. Doors open at 7:00 PM, show time is 7:30 PM. Tickets are $18 in advance and $20 at the door. Reservations are recommended. For more information call 610-622-7250, email or visit

Lansdowne Symphony Orchestra

All Tchaikovsky Concert
PianoSunday, May 6, 2007, at 3 PM – E. T. Richardson Middle School, 20 West Woodland Avenue (Route 420) Springfield, PA 19064

  • P. I. TCHAIKOVSKY: Festival Coronation March
  • P. I. TCHAIKOVSKY: Sleeping Beauty Suite
  • P. I. TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony No. 4 in F Minor

House Numbers

Our police department asked me to remind residents of the ordinance concerning house numbers. Go outside right now and check to see if you are in compliance with the following ordinance:

"All buildings shall have house numbers placed conspicuously immediately above or at the side of the main door of each building, where practical, in such a manner that the number can be seen plainly from the street. In addition to this requirement, whenever any building is situated more than 50 feet from the street line, a second set of house numbers shall be placed near the walk, driveway or common entrance to the land on which the building is erected or upon a gatepost, rural mailbox, fence, tree or other appropriate place so as to be easily discernible from the street."

Recycling Fun Facts

  • Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV for three hours.
  • The Energy saved from recycling one plastic bottle can power a computer for 25 minutes.
  • It takes up to 75,000 trees to produce one Sunday edition of the New York Times.
  • Lansdowne recycling increased 20% in February 2007 over February 2006 and 40% in March 2007 over the same time last year.

Lansdowne Recreation Department

Spring Programs – 2007 Recreation Department


This program teaches children all aspects of good horsemanship, through grooming, equine education and riding.

Age: 4 to 14
Fee: $180.00
(Non-Resident $185.00 per session)
Term: 6/25 to 6/29
Time: 1:30-3:00pm
Location: Hoffman Park
Instructor: Equishare USA, LLC.
Equipment Needed: Bike Helment


Learn how to add 3 dimensions to your drawings. Using composition and shading we will create the illusion of lifelike drawing. (Students must bring a sketch book.)

Age: 8 to 12
Fee: $30.00
(Non-Resident: $35.00)
Day: Wednesday
Time: 6:00-7:00pm
Starting: 6/4 (6 wks.)
Limited Class Size
Location: Twentieth Century Club
Instructor: Marcus diSciullo


A great class to share the joy of gardening with your child. Help your child make a stepping stone, a bird feed wreath and plant container garden.

Day: Saturdays (3 classes)
Term: June 16th, 23rd and 30th
Time: 10:00-11:00am
Fee: $30.00
Non-Resident: $35.00
(All supplies provided.)
Location: Lansdowne Public Library
Instructor: Joe Daniels – Penn State Master Gardner


Half hour private lessons. Call to reserve the day and time.

Age: 6 and up
Fee: $60.00
Non-Resident: $65.00
Day: Mon., Tues, Wed. or Thursday.
Starting: 5/7 (4 wks.)
Each ½hour from 4:00 to 6:00
Location: Twentieth Century Club
Instructor: Janet Echternach


Preview the camp listed below in a special one day camp.

Age: 4 to 14
(Space limited, please call to reserve a spot.)
Day: 6/9
Time: 2:00 – 3:30pm
Location: Hoffman Park
Instructor: Equishare USA, LLC.
Equipment Needed: Bike Helment


A social etiquette program to help children develop social confidence and manners. The Manners and Me Program offers participants lots of hands-on activities and relevant learning lessons along with the importance of manners. Each child will receive a certificate at the end of the program.

Session 3 – Sharing and Caring
Session 4 – Table Manners

Days: Mondays 6/4 and 6/11
Time: 6:30 to 7:30
Fee: $20.00
Non-Resident: $25.00
Location: Twentieth Century Club
Instructors: Educator Mia Smith

Coming this Summer

Tennis Clinic and Tournament
Basketball Clinic and Tournament

Dates and Times to be Announced – Please look for Upcoming Flyers


Curbside Pick UpNEW…
Starting Wednesday, May 30th
and continuing on the last Wednesday of each month

On the last Wednesday of each month, the Borough will be making a special CURB SIDE pick up of BAGGED leaves and lawn debris (grass clippings). We will also be collecting twigs/branches that are cut in a length no longer than 4′ and SECURELY bound in a manageable weight. This is for homeowner-produced debris. Debris from landscapers WILL NOT be accepted.

Borough Information Meeting Dates 2007

Wednesday, June 6, 2007 – Borough Council Business Meeting 7:30pm

Wednesday, June 20, 2007 – Borough Council General Meeting 7:30pm

Wednesday, July 4, 2007 – Borough Council Business Meeting 7:30pm

Wednesday, July 18, 2007 – Borough Council General Meeting 7:30pm

Wednesday, August 1, 2007 – Borough Council Business Meeting 7:30pm

Wednesday, August 15, 2007 – Borough Council General Meeting 7:30pm

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No Place for Hate
Storm Water
Borough Pics