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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Mayor and Council Members

Anthony Campuzano | email


Michael Schleigh | email


Janet English | email

Vice President

Chair: Public Safety
Member: Finance, Infrastructure

Eric Aubrey | email


Magda Byrne  | email

Chair: Community Relations
Member: Public Safety, Economic Development

Tangela James | email

Chair: Infrastructure
Member: Economic Development, Public Safety

Benjamin Hover | email

Chair: Environment
Member: Finance

Susan Williams | email

Chair: Economic Development
Member: Community Relations, Infrastructure

council and others
seated L to R: Councilwoman Susan Williams, Councilwoman Janet English, Councilwoman Tangela James, Councilwoman Magda Byrne, and Borough Secretary Barbara Henry

standing L to R: Solicitor Robert W. Scott, Borough Manager Craig Totaro, Council Vice-president Robert Radich, Mayor Anthony Campuzano, Councilman Eric Aubrey, Council President Michael Schleigh, Police Chief Daniel Donegan.

Classic Towns

Storm Water
Borough Pics