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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Mayor and Council Members

Anthony Campuzano | email

Member: Public Safety Committee

Michael Schleigh | email


Chair: Economic Development

Janet English | email

Vice President

Chair: Administration and Code Enforcement
Member: Public Safety, Infrastructure and Public Works

Wardell Holt | email

Chair: Infrastructure and Public Works
Member: Parks, Recreation and the Environment, Economic Development

Magda Byrne  | email

Chair: Community Relations
Member: Public Safety; Parks, Recreation and the Environment

Tangela James | email

Member: Finance and Administration, Community Relations

Benjamin Hover | email

Chair: Parks, Recreation and the Environment
Member: Economic Development and Code Enforcement; Infrastructure and Public Works

Desmonde Pringle | email

Chair: Public Safety
Member: Community Relations; Finance and Administration












L to R: Craig Totaro (Borough Manager), Benjamin Hover (member), Desmonde Pringle (Member), Wardell Holt (member), Police Chief Dan Donegan,  Mayor Tony Campuzano, Michael Schleigh (President), Magda Byrne (member), Janet English (Vice President), Bob Scott (Borough Solicitor), Tangela James (member) 

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