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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

It’s Up To You!…

(Reprint from Fall 1982 Borough News Letter)

By Donald E. West, Councilman

The Lansdowne Fire Company was chartered in 1894, and nine years later, in 1903, the present fire house was built. It was designed to accommodate horsedrawn apparatus and the interior was illuminated with gas lights. The floor at ground level was made of wood and there were lovely arched doors opening onto Baltimore avenue. It was a fine structure with beautiful brickwork and the community of Lansdowne could look with pride at its new fire house.

Lansdowne Fire Company, circa 1912
(Building was already nine years old.)

In 1921 the gas lights were replaced by electric lighting, and in 1930 the old wooden floor was replaced with a new concrete floor to support the weight of the fire engines which had taken the place of the horse-drawn fire wagons. By World War lI the old arched doors were just too small for the larger trucks. so a modern overhead door was installed. Except for routine maintenance and an occasional coat of paint, those three changes (lighting, concrete floor, and new doorways) are all that stand between the firehouse built in 1903 and your present structure.

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