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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Standards of Population Densities, Land Coverage, and Building Intensities

The existing zoning ordinance in the Downtown District Redevelopment Area has seven different zoning districts:

  1. Single-Family Detached Residential District (R-1A),
  2. Single-Family Semi-Detached Residential District (R-2),
  3. One- and Two-Family Residential District (R-3),
  4. Multi-Family Residential District (R-4),
  5. Central Business District (C-1),
  6. General Business District (C-2), and
  7. General Business and Light Industrial District (C-3).

No changes are proposed for the residential districts.

The C-1 District has no minimum lot area, a maximum building coverage of 75%, and a maximum building height of 55 feet. The proposed new developments in this district contain some mixed-use structures that would include multi-family dwellings. Under the R-4 requirements that apply to this type of development, the minimum lot area is 21,780 SF with a maximum density of 22 dwelling units per acre, a maximum building coverage of 30%, a maximum building height of 35 feet (three stories). Efficiencies must be a minimum of 600 SF, one-bedroom units 750 SF, and two-bedroom units 900 SF. Efficiencies may not take up more than half of the number of apartments. A five foot wide buffer planting strip is required in the side yard between a nonresidential and residential zoning district, regardless of the current use of the adjacent lot in the residential district.

The C-2 and C-3 Districts have the same lot area, building coverage, and building height requirements as the C-1 District.

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