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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Statement of Changes in Street Layouts and Proposed Traffic Regulations

Circulation and access improvements are critical to the success of this redevelopment plan. Under the Urban Redevelopment Law, faulty street layout is a blight-qualifying criterion. This criterion is shared by many of the properties within the redevelopment area. Infrastructure and circulation improvements are shown on Exhibit F.

Parking in the block bounded by Lansdowne Avenue, the Lansdowne Theater, the fire station, Highland and Baltimore Avenues is proposed to become a specific shopper/visitor parking lot. Sites would need to be assembled and operated as an integrated public parking lot. Assembly of multiple portions is intended to reduce the total curb cuts to four: two on Highland Avenue, one on Baltimore Avenue, and one on Lansdowne Avenue. All businesses, residents, and other users in that block would be serviced from this single lot. Any current driveway in this section that is recommended for closure that is not part of the proposed redevelopment plan are recommended for inclusion as part of a pedestrian circulation system.

Lansdowne Avenue-fronting stores within the block detailed above will be required to have entrances that open on Lansdowne Avenue.

La Crosse Avenue is one-way heading east away from Lansdowne Avenue. Drivers frequently violate the one-way signs to gain access to shops on Lansdowne Avenue. It is the recommendation of this plan that La Crosse Avenue be made two-way. It has been determined that the road is sufficiently wide enough to handle this change.

Congestion at the intersection of S. Lansdowne and Baltimore Avenues is a persistent problem. This plan recommends removing two parking spaces on the east side of S. Lansdowne Avenue to allow for improved movement of cars making right turns or passing through the intersection.

Pedestrian access from and to the south of the SEPTA tracks is restricted, preventing SEPTA riders convenient access to shops and services in the Downtown District. It is recommended that a pedestrian bridge be constructed over the tracks leading to Madison Avenue, with a pedestrian walkway continuing through the Madison Avenue municipal lot to Baltimore Avenue via a landscaped pathway along side Borough Hall.

This plan recommends making the development of an effective pedestrian circulation system within one block from the Lansdowne/Baltimore intersection a high priority. This proposal details a well-landscaped pedestrian circulation system throughout that is intended to encourage multi-destination shopping and other multi-destination activities.

There are many sections of the Redevelopment Area that appear neglected and uninviting because of the absence of street trees. Streetscaping should be placed along pedestrian paths and residential side streets leading to Baltimore Avenue. Important locations for this initiative include:

  • Baltimore Avenue
  • Lansdowne Avenue
  • Madison Avenue
  • Highland Avenue
  • Legion Terrace
  • Rigby Avenue
  • Wycombe Avenue
  • Maple Avenue
  • Union Avenue

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