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Who are the "Friends" and what do they fund?

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Philippa Strahm selects a free book from the Lansdown train station bookshelf.
photo by Steve Agostini

Who are the "Friends"?

You are! The Friends of the Lansdowne Public Library is the fan club for our splendid local library. Every fall, we send out annual membership forms, and hundreds of loyal Lansdowne citizens send in their annual donations. Anyone who contributes the base amount is automatically a member of the FRIENDS.

A group of about 15 people are active in the work of the FRIENDS organization.

  • Raising funds through our annual membership drive and special projects
  • Promoting the library's resources and activities
  • Sponsoring events

The library provides a lively civic center for our small borough. Whether patrons read a novel to leave their cares aside for a while, join the History club, attend information sessions, expand their knowledge through nonfiction, enjoy a puppet show, keep up with events in the newspaper and magazine section, check out how-to books for house projects, use the computers, or research business information, the Library adds to the quality of life and the local economy.

We need your donations to help the library respond to the needs of a wide range of patrons. The FRIENDS thank you for doing your part!

What have we funded?

Here are some of the projects we have helped sponsor recently:

  Desks for new computers

  Digital camera

  Display stands for DVDs

  First aid, CPR, and defibrillator training for staff

  Books purchased in honor of Betty Marlino

, who retired last year from her longtime service as chair of the Library Board, and avid member of the FRIENDS.

  A projector for the library's popular movie programs.

  "Teen Night" patrons raised funds for this project also.

  Shirts for the library staff.

  A bookshelf at Lansdowne's train station

The FRIENDS keep a bookshelf in the station stocked with books from our booksale shelves -- borrow one, donate one. Keep reading!

  Children's summer reading program

  "An Evening with Emily Dickinson"

theater performance

  Kelli Bliss's health & fitness workshops