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Supporting the Lansdowne, Pennsylvania public library through fundraising and events.

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Information: Helen Bowes (610) 284-1433

For inquiries, membership, and donations:
Friends of the Lansdowne Public Library
P.O Box 7
Lansdowne, PA 19050

Passionate about Libraries?
Serve on the Library Board of Trustees

Are you passionate about libraries and the role the Lansdowne Library plays in the Lansdowne community? The Lansdowne Public Library Board of Trustees is seeking applications from interested Lansdowne residents to serve on the Library Board.

The Library Board is a seven member body responsible for determining policy, providing fiscal and physical oversight, and long range planning in order to provide the best possible library service to the Lansdowne community. The Board of Library Trustees of the Lansdowne Public Library meets on the third Monday of the month at 7:30 p.m. In addition, there are occasionally other planning sessions, workshops and attendance at community meetings.

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Thank You Stephanie Cowell for a Wonderful Visit and
Fascinating Insight into the Life of Claude & Camille!

Stephanie Cowell arrived by train and was overjoyed with the opportunity to meet and greet her book readers at the Lansdowne Public Library.

We learned that Claude Monet was haunted his entire life by his infatuation with his favorite model and first wife, Camille.

Click Here!

If you weren't able to come to our Stephanie Cowell author visit, check out Claude & Camille and see for yourself what drove the artist Claude Monet into the forefront of the "Impressionist" Art movement and the role Camille played in both her vibrant life and tragic death.

For more information about Stephanie Cowell and her works go to her website at:

Stephanie Cowell's visit, refreshments and presentation was
made possible by the Friends of the Lansdowne Public Library

Ongoing fundraising projectsCURRENT

The Friends of the Lansdowne Public Library raises funds and sponsors events that enrich what our library can offer the community. (Check out how FRIENDS funds have helped the library.) While the borough has always been unfailingly generous in its support, state funding is shrinking and costs are rising. You can help the FRIENDS fill the gap by contributing in time or with a donation to our various projects:

SQ Membership

If you've already sent in your contribution, thank you!

If you aren't on the list for our annual Fall mailing, here's how you can join.

We are always looking to include library patrons who don't yet know about membership. Please email this link to your Lansdowne area friends, especially those who have recently moved to this area, and encourage them to contribute!

SQ Book-a-year-forever

For a tax-deductible contribution of $500, FRIENDS will purchase a book every year forever in honor or memory of someone you specify. Brochures are available at the Library.

SQ The Nickel Mile

Help us wrap Lansdowne in nickels!

NICKELS 1 roll of nickels = $2 = 3 inches
4 rolls = $8 = 1 foot
5,280 rolls = $10,560 = 1/4 mile
21,120 rolls = $42,240

Equals......           ONE MILE!

Nickel wrappers are available at the library. Or just put your spare change in our nickel jar on the circulation desk.

SQ Raffle Baskets

Next time you're in the Library, look for the Friends' raffle baskets. Several times a year, the Friends put together large baskets of seasonal items. We also appreciate donations for the baskets if you have items that would tantalize our patrons!

SQ The Mural Cards

Lansdowne artist Rhona Candeloro painted the mural in the library's Children's Room several years ago, using local children as models. She has produced a set of 6 views for a pack of Lansdowne Mural cards.

Slip them into a present as a gift card, or as a note to say "Thank You" or "Happy Birthday" to someone! The pack also makes a nice gift.

$10 for a pack of 6 different cards and 7 envelopes. Available at the library desk.

SQ Book Sales

librarysignwinter Great Bargains! The FRIENDS maintains 6 large bookshelves in the Bany Room to sell donated books, CDs, and tapes year round. Check it out when you're in the Library -- new items come in frequently. If you have items you think others would like to buy, call the Library at 610-623-0239 to make arrangements.

The Lansdowne Library and all who use it thank you for your patronage and your support.

Serving Lansdowne for 100+ years!

The Lansdowne Public Library has been serving Lansdowne and surrounding communities for over 100 years.


Rushing for the train with no time to stop at the library?

Check out FLPL's free bookshelves in the Lansdowne Train Station.

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