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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Lansdowne Borough Council Business Meeting
January 20, 2010

The Lansdowne Borough Council General Meeting was held on Wednesday,
January 20, 2010, 7:30 p.m. in Borough Hall. Present were President Coleman, Mrs. English, Ms. Lustgarten, Mr. Schleigh, Ms. Silzle, Mr. Smith and Mr. Wagner. Also in attendance were Mayor Young, Borough Manager Totaro, Borough Secretary Henry, Borough Solicitor Scott, Borough Finance Director/Treasurer Bartley and Police Chief Kortan. Fire Chief Young was absent.

President Coleman asked for a moment of silence in memory of the Haiti earthquake victims.

President Coleman recognized Yeadon Borough Council President Asher Kemp and Vice President Sandra Thomas, who were in attendance.

President Coleman stated that the meeting would air on January 25th at 7:00 p.m. on Comcast channel 10 and RCN channel 52.

Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved with the following changes: (1) Mr. Schleigh withdrew his motion for Health Board candidate; and (2) President Coleman indicated she would have some executive session items.


Ms. Lustgarten moved to approve the minutes of the December 16, 2009 General Meeting of Council as submitted by the Secretary. Mr. Schleigh seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

Announcements and Presentations

  1. Promotion of Sergeant Kienzle – Mayor Young swore in newly appointed Lansdowne police force member Sgt. Kienzle.
  2. Jingle Judge Awards – Mayor Young presented the annual Jingle Judge awards as follows: Most Elegant: 112 Lansdowne Court, 34 Willowbrook, 40 W. Albemarle, 187 W. Greenwood, 33 E. Stratford and 91 W. Essex. Best Use of Colored Lights: 297 W. Essex, 222 W. Marshall, 15 S. Highland, 46 W. Albemarle, 199 W. Albemarle, 182 Hansell, 35 Violet Lane, 207 W. Greenwood.

Treasurer’s Report

Mr. Bartley had no formal report and indicated the figures for the next Treasurer’s Report would be available at next month’s general meeting.

Solicitor’s Report

Mr. Scott had no formal report and no Executive Session items.

Mayor’s Report

Mayor Young announced the following police department employees who had no sick time in 2009 and their cumulative years of no sick time:

Officer Kevin McDermott – 11 months
Officer Tina Selimas – 1-1/2 years
Officer Lawrence Albertoli – 4 years (Chief Kortan confirmed a few days later that
officer Albertoli had one sick day in 2009)
Officer David Schiazza – 8 years
Officer C. J. Schiazza – 10 years
Sgt. Daniel Donaghan – 10 years
Receptionist Bobbi Harris – 12 years
Receptionist Jocanda Pannell – 14 years

Mayor Young read a letter of thanks from Chief Kortan to Glen Trainer of Herby’s Towing Service for Mr. Trainer’s donation of 2 undercover vehicles to the police department.

Mayor Young mentioned that residents could help in the Haiti earthquake relief effort by visiting the Borough web site Red Cross link.

Mayor Young mentioned that the 2010 census forms are being mailed to every resident and asked that everyone fill them out, as census counts impact Borough funding. President Coleman and Chief Kortan reiterated that no personal information should be submitted, i.e., Social Security numbers, date of birth, bank account numbers, etc.

Mayor Young read a list of calendar items. Mr. Wagner mentioned that the Playwriting and Improvisation classes are now being held at the Lansdowne Theater.

Council President’s Report

President Coleman reminded Council members that Congressman Joe Sestak will be hosting a meeting on January 23rd regarding Borough funding processes.

President Coleman reported that the committee structure has been enhanced. The 2010-2011 goals include retaining the standing committees with the addition of the Community Relations Committee, chaired by Janet English. Each Committee will have its own mission but will connect with the various volunteer Boards and Commissions in Lansdowne.


Public Safety – Mr. Schleigh reported that a GLCA meeting will be held on January 28th regarding the Neighborhood Watch program. Mr. Schleigh mentioned that a new candidate for the Civil Service Commission will be considered, as the former nominee withdrew. Mr. Schleigh indicated that the Public Safety Committee has recommended the nomination of Marla McLaughlin to the Health Board.

Finance – Ms. Lustgarten had no formal report. The next Finance Committee meeting will be held on February 1st.

Economic Development -Mr. Wagner reported that Sue Evans, a representative of The Friends of St. John’s Episcopal Church, was present at last night’s Economic Development Committee meeting. This group is trying to encourage the Episcopal diocese to preserve the building and conduct a small amount of maintenance. Mr. Wagner mentioned that on February 24th a neighborhood meeting will be held at Borough Hall regarding the significance of the area bordered by Stewart Avenue at the north, Baltimore Avenue at the south, Union Avenue at the east and Lansdowne Avenue at the west. Mr. Wagner reported that the Arts Board is now operating.

Environment – Ms. Silzle reported that David Bennett, Lansdowne’s representative for the Valley Creek Master Plan, was a visitor at the last Environment Committee meeting and will be attending tonight’s County meeting in this regard. More information to follow. Mr. Bennett also reported on the Borough’s proposed bike plan. Ms. Silzle reported that the Committee discussed recycling diversion goals. In 2009 the overall diversion rate was 15.6%. The goal for year end 2010 is to obtain a 20% diversion rate and 25% for year end 2012. Ms. Silzle indicated that an outside group will be helping the Borough with recycling efforts and the report is expected within one month. Ms. Silzle reported that the County’s 2010 fee increased from $15.90 per ton to $23.45 per ton through 2012. The Committee also discussed doing an inventory of trash and recycling cans and current plans are to place new cans in various locations in the Borough. The Environment Committee will now have oversight for the Tree Advisory and the Park and Recreation Boards. Ms. Silzle indicated that the Gateway Park plans are now in the design and engineering phase. The Marlyn Park Master Site Plan continues. The 5th annual Delaware County Environmental Summit will convene on February 20th at the John Heinz Wildlife Refuge. Ms. Silzle mentioned that yard waste collection will start in March, 2010. The Make Lansdowne Beautiful Day will be held on April 17th. The next Environment Committee meeting will be held on February 11th at 7:00 p.m. Ms. Silzle reminded residents that they may be eligible for a tax energy credit if they bought an energy efficient product or energy renewal system. Guidelines for qualification can be found at

Community Relations – Mrs. English reported that the first meeting of the Community Relations Committee was held on January 11th to develop their mission statement. The 2010 goals/objectives include implementing a welcoming program for new residents, recommending content for the Borough web site and increasing community involvement in Borough commissions, sports and activities. The goals will be available on the Borough web site. Mrs. English will soon take over as the Library liaison.

Library Liaison Report – Ms. Silzle mentioned that Janet English tendered her resignation from the Library Board due to her new position as Borough Council member. The Library Board currently has an opening for a Treasurer and a new Board member.

Infrastructure – Mr. Smith reported that the Infrastructure Committee met on January 12th. Mr. Smith gave highlights of that meeting as follows:

  1. New LED traffic lights will soon be installed by newly trained Borough employees. Completion date is projected for the summer of 2010.
  2. Essex Avenue Sewer Project – the dug up areas in the east end of the Borough are a temporary situation and the Infrastructure Committee will try to expedite the other entities involved.
  3. Gateway Trail – there is a plan to create a pedestrian trail and bike path. The goal is to develop creative ways of dealing with natural elements/obstacles in this regard and to contain costs.
  4. The black pipes currently stacked on various Borough streets will soon be installed by Aqua Water Co.

President Coleman stated that the LED lights will provide better illumination and save energy costs. An analysis was first needed before the grant could be received. Mr. Smith reminded residents that he will return any e-mail message to him within 24 hours and encouraged residents to attend the Infrastructure Committee meetings held every 2nd Tuesday of the month.


There were no communications.

Mr. Schleigh moved to suspend Roberts Rules of Order. Ms. Silzle seconded and the motion carried unanimously.


  1. Charlie Jeffers – 13 Willowbrook Avenue – Mr. Jeffers questioned the status of the Lansdowne Diner project. Mr. Totaro indicated it is ongoing. Mr. Jeffers asked if Dunkin Donuts would be reopening. Mr. Totaro indicated that it would be reopening. Mr. Jeffers questioned the cause of the fire on Ardmore Avenue. Mr. Totaro indicated that it was an electrical problem that occurred during the rehabilitation process.

Ms. Lustgarten moved to reinstate Roberts Rules of Order. Mr. Schleigh seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Old Business

No items for Old Business.

New Business

  1. LEDC use of Borough parking lot – Mr. Totaro indicated that the LEDC is requesting expanded use of the lot during the Farmer’s Market period of time, expanding to the North side when special community and event days are held. The schedule remains the same as last year.

    Ms. Lustgarten moved to approve the LEDC’S request for the use of the Borough parking lot for the events outlined in the Borough Manager’s 1/8/2010 memorandum to Borough Council. Mr. Wagner seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

  2. Two Subdivision Applications (110 S. Wycombe and 111 S. Wycombe) – Mr. Scott summarized the process for land development approval. These two applications are to replace a single detached house with one set of twin houses. Mr. Scott and Mr. Jozwiak will be working together regarding compliance with time deadlines. Mayor Young mentioned that Borough Council had worked hard to maintain the quality of this area and to prevent more density.

Action Items

  1. Ms. Lustgarten moved to approve bills for the period. Mr. Wagner seconded. The motion carried unanimously.
  2. Ms. Lustgarten moved to enact Ordinance 1250, an Ordinance authorizing the Participation of Borough of Lansdowne in the Delaware Valley Health Insurance Trust pursuant to the Pennsylvania Inter-Governmental Cooperation Law. Mr. Wagner seconded. A roll call vote was taken. The motion carried 6-0 with Mr. Schleigh abstaining from the vote. Pursuant to the Ethics Act, Mr. Schleigh indicated he abstained because the Delaware Valley Health Insurance Trust was a client of his employer.
  3. Ms. Lustgarten moved to authorize Tax Collector Joe Urban to open an account in the name of Lansdowne Borough with the Lansdowne Branch of Alliance Bank, for the purposes of receiving borough taxes and fees. Mr. Wagner seconded. The motion carried unanimously. Discussion: Ms. Lustgarten indicated that tax payments can now be made at Borough Hall or directly to Alliance Bank.

Executive Session

Ms. Lustgarten moved to adjourn to Executive Session. Ms. Silzle seconded. The motion carried unanimously. The meeting convened to executive session at 8:45 p.m.

Public Session

There were no public motions made upon reconvening to public session.


Ms. Lustgarten moved to adjourn the meeting. Ms. Silzle seconded. The motion carried unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 9:32 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Ann Henry
Borough Secretary

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