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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Lansdowne Borough Council General Meeting
February 21, 2007

President Wayne announced that a public hearing will be held prior to tonight’s General Meeting and invited public comment.

PUBLIC HEARING – Grant application to PA Department of Community and Economic Development through the new communities appropriation.

This $90,000 grant relates to certain public improvements to the future Dunkin Donuts facility to be erected on the former 7-11 site. The Borough will be obtaining an easement and right of access to the Highland Avenue parking lot from Baltimore Avenue and this grant is for public improvements to create that access and other on site improvements.

Visitor Comments

Coe Cummer 172 Marlyn Road – Mr. Cummer questioned the $90,000 allocation and if the Borough was funding the entire rehab project. President Wayne indicated that Dunkin Donuts will be rehabbing the building and parking lot but the Borough is using the grant money to create access to the parking lot and for doing certain on site improvements.
Ms. Coleman moved to adjourn the public hearing, seconded by Mr. Lee. The motion carried unanimously. President Wayne then opened the regularly scheduled general meeting.


The Lansdowne Borough Council General Meeting was held on Wednesday, February 21, 2007, 7:40 PM in Borough Hall. Present were President Wayne, Ms. Coleman, Ms. Hill, Mr. Lee, Ms. Lustgarten, Mr. Wagner and Mr. Urban. Also in attendance were Mayor Young, Borough Manager Forrest, Borough Solicitor Scott, Borough Engineer Bevilacqua, Borough Treasurer Smith, Borough Secretary Henry and Police Chief Kortan. Fire Chief Young was absent.

President Wayne stated that the meeting was being taped by Comcast and would be aired on February 26th at 7:00 PM on Channel 10.

Minutes – Ms. Coleman moved to approve the minutes of the January 17, 2007 Council General Meeting. Ms. Lustgarten seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Announcements and Presentations – Mayor Young introduced Al Them, Director of the Lansdowne Allied Youth Council. Mr. Them presented Adam Rodriguez, Raymond MacFarland and Daniel and Rebecca Nelson, present and former recipients of the Council’s gifting program, who spoke about their various projects.

Fran Wayne, President of Animal Friends of Lansdowne, gave a presentation on the organization’s mission statement and stressed the importance of keeping your pets indoor for safety reasons. The 3d annual Animal Friends event will be held on May 12th on the same site as last year. Mrs. Wayne also mentioned that the organization has been granted 501C3 status by the Government and can now accept tax deductible donations. Mrs. Wayne stated that donations, volunteers and foster parents for the animals are always welcome.

Treasurer’s Report – Mr. Smith gave highlights from the January report: ending balance of all funds was $ 8,717,777.02. Ending balance in the General Fund was $527,874.02. Ending balance in the Non-Uniform Pension Plan was $1,019,000.00 as of 12/31/06. Mr Smith stated that the majority of information has now been given to the auditors.

Engineer’s Report – Mr. Bevilacqua gave updates on the following projects:

205 W. Baltimore Sewer – PECO has completed repair of the sewer on the north side of Baltimore Avenue at this location. Verizon will start tomorrow and may take 1-2 weeks for completion of their work. All work will be done between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

2007 Road Program – The Borough is reviewing other potential add alternate roadways for paving. Mr. Bevilacqua indicated that some extra funding will be available in the budget for other projects. Additionally, paving of the water company repair work will be done on Union Avenue.

Solicitor’s Report – Mr. Scott had no formal report and one Executive Session item.

Mayor’s Report – Mayor Young announced various calendar items. Mayor Young mentioned that residents can receive a 20% discount from Sherwin Williams. Mayor Young stressed that the Borough code requires that all house numbers be clearly visible during the day and night. Mayor Young mentioned that the police department does check on residences when the occupants are away.

Council President’s Report – President Wayne reported that demolition of 231 N. Lansdowne Avenue will begin February 22, 2007.

Committee Reports

I. Finance and Administration – Ms. Lustgarten reported that Smith Barney representatives met with the F&A Committee on February 5th. The Police Pension Fund is up 12%. Ms. Lustgarten stated that all the Twentieth Century Club improvements are in line with budget forecasts and there is currently about $128,000 remaining in the Capital Program funding. Additionally, a meeting is scheduled with Delaware Valley Utility Advisors regarding auditing utility bills for municipalities. The next F&A committee meeting will be held on March 5th at 7:00 p.m in Borough Hall.

II. Public Safety – Ms. Hill reported that the Public Safety Committee recently met with members of the police force and the following items were discussed: (a) feasibility of enforcing a loitering ordinance, (b) enforcing the house number visibility issue, ( c ) increasing education regarding crime prevention and use of 911, (d) long range planning for the Police Department, and (e) police services provided to the William Penn School District.

Ms. Hill gave the Police Report for January: 586 incidents, 22 motor vehicle accidents, 32 adult arrests, 20 juvenile arrests (6 Lansdowne, 14 other areas), 623 parking ticket, 111 motor vehicle violations, 7145 miles traveled.

No report was given for the Fire Department.

III. Nominations – Ms. Coleman reported that the next meeting will be held on March 8th for the purpose of finalizing the process of nominations, exploring what channels can be used to increase interest, reviewing the current openings and reviewing the current Human Relations Commission and DelCora openings.

Ad Hoc Committees

A. Lighting – Mr. Wagner had no formal report.

B. School District Taxation – Mr. Urban reported that the Committee has now met twice and no one is in favor of the school tax referendum ballot question. Mr. Urban has given Borough Solicitor Scott a draft resolution that cites the feelings of residents on this issue and hopes to discuss it at the next Council meeting. President Wayne stressed the importance of residents making themselves aware of the issues so they can make an informed decision in the May vote.

IV. Members of Council:

1. Sharon Coleman – The LBPA has created 3 business support groups that are now up and
running. Contact information for the particular business is as follows:

Central business district – Jennifer Hoff – 610-220-1385
Neighborhood businesses – Lauren Kane – 484-455-2895
Home based businesses – Kelly Bliss – 610-394-2547

2. Joe Urban – The Park and Recreation Board has elected their new officers for 2007:

Barry Malone – Chair
Mike McGee – Vice Chair
Jack Kelly – Secretary

In addition, the Board voted to approve a survey of Marlyn Park due to tree ownership issues. Other items discussed included the installation of new Interboro Park signs and contracting with McCormick Roofing for repairs to the Hoffman Park Pavilion roof at a cost of $4,875.00.

Communications – Resignation of Bob Fuhrman from the Planning Commission.

Ms. Coleman moved to Suspend the Rules of Order, seconded by Mr. Lee. The motion carried unanimously.


James Jackson 88 S. Wycombe Avenue – Mr. Jackson lauded the Lansdowne Symphony Orchestra for their superior Valentine Day concert. Mr. Jackson expressed his disappointment with the behavior of School Board members during last night’s meeting while speakers were trying to be heard. Mr. Jackson indicated that the advertising of the meetings is poorly placed in the local paper. Mr. Jackson also indicated that no serious discussion was given by School Board members on the 2007 ballot referendum taxation question and felt that Borough Council will have to address the issue. President Wayne stated that in spite of Mr. Jackson’s bad experience, residents should strive to attend the school board meetings.

Charlie Jeffers 13 Willowbrook Avenue- Mr. Jeffers mentioned that some properties still have ice and snow remaining several days after the storm. Mr. Jeffers asked how one becomes a members of the Lansdowne Swim Club. Mayor Young indicated she would leave a contact number.

Coe Cummer 172 Marlyn Road – Mr. Comer asked for an update on the proposed business school in the bank building and the farmer’s market. President Wayne indicated that current zoning does not allow for a school to be on the first floor of the bank building and the matter has been referred to the Planning Commission.

Laura Fryer 106 Lansdowne Court – Mrs. Fryer praised the Allied Youth Council for their efforts. Mrs. Fryer asked residents to please contribute food and/or money to the interfaith food closet at the Lansdowne Presbyterian Church. Mrs. Fryer mentioned that in January the church served 2619 meals. Anyone needing further information can call the church at 610-622-0800. Mrs. Fryer also asked in there were plans to fix the manhole cover at Baltimore and Lansdowne Avenues. Mr. Bevilacqua stated that the matter will be addressed under the Road Program.

Borough Council comments to visitors:

Mr. Wagner indicated it would be helpful if when picking up litter in the Borough, residents bring it home for recycling purposes.

Ms. Coleman moved to Reinstate the Rules of Order. Mr. Wagner seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Old Business – None.

New Business – None.

Action Items

1. Ms. Lustgarten moved to authorize payment of bills for the period. Mr. Lee seconded and the motion carried unanimously.
2. Ms. Hill moved to suspend parking enforcement at meters on streets and in parking lots from 5:00 PM until 8:00 PM each Thursday during the month of March, 2007. Mr. Urban seconded and a roll call vote was taken. The motion carried unanimously.
3. Ms. Coleman moved to approve Resolution 2007-4, authorizing the filing of a proposal for funds with the Department of Community and Economic Development. Mr. Lee seconded and a roll call vote was taken. The motion carried unanimously.
4. Ms. Hill moved to hire replacement employee at the library at a rate of $8.25 per hour for approximately 11 hours per week. Mr. Lee seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Executive Session – Ms. Hill moved to adjourn to Executive Session to discuss a real estate issue. Ms. Lustgarten seconded and the motion carried unanimously. The meeting adjourned to Executive Session at 9:02 p.m.

Public Session – There were no motions made upon reconvening to Public Session.

Ms. Coleman moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Mr. Wagner. The motion carried unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Ann Henry
Borough Secretary

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