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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Lansdowne Borough Council Business Meeting
Wednesday – September 1, 2004

The Lansdowne Borough Council Business Meeting was heldon Wednesday, September 1, 2004 at 7:30 PM in BoroughHall. Present were President Council, Mrs. Fryer, Mr.Borgman, Ms. Hill, Mr. Lee, Mr. Smith and Mr. Wayne.Also in attendance were Mayor Young, Treasurer Asciutto,Borough Manager Forrest, Borough Engineer Bevilacqua,Borough Solicitor Scott, Borough Secretary Henry, ChiefKortan and Fire Chief Young.

Minutes – Mr. Smith moved to approve the minutesof the August 4, 2004 Business Meeting of Borough Councilas submitted by the Secretary. Mr. Lee seconded andthe motion carried unanimously.
President Council reminded visitors that their commentsshould be limited to 10 minutes and be related to Boroughbusiness.


John Callaghan 13 W. Greenwood Avenue. Mr. Callaghanquestioned Code Enforcement Officer Calvin Bonenberger’sduties with Yeadon Borough and the scope of his responsibilitiesand assistance to Lansdowne. President Council statedthat Lansdowne receives half of his time as Code EnforcementDirector and his duties with Yeadon are separate andapart from Lansdowne.Mr. Callaghan stated he would like the Borough to hiresomeone to answer the phones at Borough Hall insteadof using voice mail. President Council stated that voicemail allows Borough personnel to focus on their tasksand they answer the phones whenever possible.
Mr. Callaghan stated that three code enforcement officerswere not needed in Lansdowne and that one of them couldanswer telephone calls. President Council stated thatthe level of code enforcement now needed in the Boroughis more than the number of people available to do thework and the current system was installed to allow personnelto accomplish their many tasks.

Dr. Len Wert 221 N. Lansdowne Avenue – Dr. Wertstated that fascism is now occurring in the Borough,citing the 10 minute rule for visitor comments and thedirection of those comments to President Council. PresidentCouncil cited Roberts’ Rules of Order as the guideused for visitor behavior.
Dr. Wert asked if a Search Committee had been in placeand if other volunteers were available when a replacementwas being sought to fill the Borough Council vacancyleft by Jane Madden. President Council answered in theaffirmative to both questions.
Dr. Wert stated his surprise at Mr. Wayne’s articlecriticizing a local newspaper for printing an articleadvocating persecution and discrimination against peoplebecause of their sexual orientation.Dr. Wert asked that Borough Council defeat Mr. Lee’sproposed Ordinance regarding permit requirements forprotests and parades.

Jean Hughes 53 Bryn Mawr Avenue – Ms. Hughesstated her approval of Mr. Lee’s ordinance, statingthat Lansdowne has been changing for the better, thatevery resident should have the quiet enjoyment of theirown homes and that limits need to be defined.

Beverly Uram 178 Owen Avenue – Ms. Uram statedher support of Mr. Lee’s ordinance and felt thatstructure is needed for providing public safety forresidents and for providing assistance to the policein carrying out their duties. Ms. Uram stated that suchan ordinance does not infringe on anyone’s rightto free speech.

Rhona Candeloro 43 E. Stratford Avenue – Ms.Candeloro stated her support of Mr. Lee’s ordinance,stating that a line needs to be drawn between freedomof speech and hate crimes. Ms. Candeloro stated thatthis line has recently been crossed and that policeneed the necessary tools to protect Lansdowne’sresidents.

Reports and Discussions

A. Treasurer’s Report – Mr. Asciutto hadno formal report.

B. Borough Engineer’s Report – Mr. Bevilacquareported that paving of Green Avenue will start tomorrowin the 2004 Road Program with all work to be done byFriday.
Mr. Bevilacqua stated that final design of the CloverAvenue project should be done by Friday and if all plansproceed as anticipated, advertising will be next weekand bids will be received by the end of September. Mr.Lee asked if any further cost was being incurred forthe sanitary and storm sewer issue. Mr. Bevilacqua statedthat the figure was not final but was approximately$180,000-$200,000. The additional cost involves another100′ of storm and sewer repairs and the replacing ofthree junction boxes. President Council suggested thatthe discussion be postponed until plans are availableand the Municipal Services Committee has recommendationsto bring before Borough Council. Mr. Smith expressedconcerns about the additional costs. Mr. Wayne askedto see the design before voting on the bid. Mr. Bevilacquastated that the additional 100′ of pipe was necessaryto eliminate the infiltration problem between the sewerand the street.

Mrs. Fryer moved to advertise bids next week forthe Clover Avenue storm and sanitary sewer project.Mr. Borgman seconded and a roll call vote was taken.The motion carried 4-3, with Mr. Lee, Mr. Smith andMr. Wayne casting the dissenting votes.
Mr. Bevilacqua reported that Frank O’Brien is satisfiedwith the outcome of the continuing work on 56 S. UnionAvenue.Mr. Bevilacqua reported that the restoration of 132Bartram Avenue should be done in one week.

C. Solicitor’s Report – Mr. Scott statedhe had one Executive Session item for discussion.

D. Borough Manager’s Report – Mr. Forrestreported that a meeting will be held next week withSewer Specialty Services to start the TV work and cleaningof the sewer lines.
Mr. Forrest stated that the Code Book update is nowin progress for eventual placement on the web site.

E. Police Chief Kortan – Chief Kortan had noformal report.

F. Fire Chief Young – Chief Young reported thehe will be meeting with Ann Hill later in the week todiscuss the siren sound, number of blast, etc. ChiefYoung stated that next week everything will be presentedto the Public Safety Committee. Ms. Hill mentioned thatthe siren does not come with a multitude of sounds aspreviously thought and there are only three sounds available.Mr. Lee brought up the issue of the number of blasts.Mr. Borgman stated that this discussion bears no relationto what was previously agreed on months ago and wantedto make a motion to quell the siren in two weeks ifno agreement is reached. Ms. Hill disagreed, statingthat the whole process has been flawed from its inceptionand stated that the professional recommended 4-2 blasts.After a lengthy discussion regarding performance issuesand vendor software, it was agreed that in one weekthe fire siren would operate with 3 blasts of the currentsound to notify the Fire Company and one blast withWestminster chimes to notify the ambulance company. Mr. Smith stated that work on the fire truck lease wasprogressing.

G. Mayor Young – Mayor Young passed around copiesof the Borough poet laureate poetry book, stating thatthe price is not yet determined and the book will beavailable for sale at the upcoming Arts Festival andthe library.
Mayor Young reported that Carol Tracy, a civil rightsattorney from the Women’s Law Project, will callChief Kortan with pertinent information the Police Departmentwill need for dealing with civil rights issues in theBorough.


H. President’s Report – President Councilasked that Borough Council members more timely submittheir agenda items to Betsy Riffert.
I. Municipal Services – Mrs. Fryer had no formalreport.

J. Finance and Administration – Mr. Smith statedthat the Finance and Administration Committee will meeton September 7th to begin the budget process.
Mr. Smith stated that the workers’ compensationinsurance policy is up for renewal in January, 2005.
Mr. Smith stated that a debt ordinance for the firetruck lease would have to be advertised. President Councilstated that advertising the debt ordinance does notcommit the Borough to anything other than advertisingthe ordinance and moving the process forward. Mr. Waynerequested a total cost of the project before votingon adopting the ordinance.
Mr. Smith moved to advertise the debt ordinance regardingthe fire truck lease. Mrs. Fryer seconded and a rollcall vote was taken. The motion carried 5-2 with Mr.Borgman and Mr. Lee casting the dissenting votes.

K. Community Development – Mr. Borgman askedif a new code officer had been hired. Mr. Forrest statedthat Sam Abrams is the new Code Officer.
Mr. Borgman stated that his Committee continues to workon the property maintenance codes.Mr. Borgman stated that options are still being investigatedfor 231 N. Lansdowne Avenue.Mr. Borgman reported that two terms are expiring onthe Planning Commission and asked that adding two additionalmembers (for a total of 9) be considered.
Mr. Borgman stated that the Zoning Hearing Board willmeet on September 23rd to discuss Barksdale Studiosand 50 W. Baltimore Avenue. Mr. Wayne asked that theZoning Hearing Board be given a copy of the RedevelopmentPlan.
Mr. Borgman stated that the next Community Developmentmeeting will be held on September 14th at 7:00 PM.
Mr. Borgman stated that 3-5 individuals are needed forthe Board of Appeals. Mr. Borgman reiterated the suggestedneeds: a design professional or architectural engineer,a contractor or a builder, a master plumber or a masterelectrician.

L. Public Safety – Ms. Hill reported that thesuggested signage issues brought up last month havebeen completed and thanked Chief Kortan for his assistancein this matter.
Ms. Hill stated that her Committee is working on a ScottdaleRoad plan for presentation to Borough Council in thenear future.

M. Economic Development – Mr. Wayne reportedthat the Economic Development Committee is working onan ordinance for the establishment of an historicaldistrict and the establishment of a architectural reviewboard.Mr. Wayne announced the following dates for the nextEconomic Development Committee meetings to be advertised:September 28th and October 26th.President Council stated that a joint public meetingwith East Lansdowne and Lansdowne Borough will be heldon October 7th, 7:00-10:00 PM for comments on the draftComprehensive Plan.
Mr. Wayne reported that the Economic Development Committeehad brought up the idea of establishing a tax incrementfinancing district which is similar to a LERTA district.Mr. Scott explained the concept by saying that debtmay be issued to finance a new project. Repayment ofthat debt is supposed to be from new tax revenues createdby the project.

M. Parks and Recreation – Mr. Lee stated thatPark Day will be held on September 25th from 1-5 PM.
Mr. Lee stated that he is working with RepresentativeMicozzie’s office to change the scope of the $60,000Interboro Park grant to investigate buying a new toyand improving the area for drainage, water runoff andthe purchase of a new toy. Mr. Lee reported that theramp has been completed in Reservoir Park.
Mr. Lee passed around a revised copy of the permit ordinance.Some of the changes included changing the number ofpeople needing a permit from 8 to 20, adding reasonswhy a permit would be granted or turned down, addinga severability clause and addressing the manner of picketinge.g., limiting the length and width of a slogan pole.
Ms. Hill asked the status of the damaged fence and basketballcourt in Hoffman Park. Mr. Lee stated that Gerry Staiberwas getting estimates and there was a $4,000 deductible.Mr. Lee brought up the possibility of installing a payphone nearby to facilitate calling 911 for reportingvandalism.
President Council asked that someone on the Park andRecreation Board ask the Lansdowne Boys and Girls Clubto clean up under the bleachers at the Ardmore Schooland that students playing on the field should policethe area.Mr. Smith asked if Pennoni Associates would be handlingthe $60,000 project in Interboro Park. Mr. Lee statedthat this issue is being addressed by the Recreationand Park Board. Ms. Hill asked what residents wantedin the park and if some outreach program would be done.Mr. Lee stated that there was some apathy regardingthese issues and a town meeting would be needed to addressthe many issues.
Mrs. Fryer asked if the Teen Concerts would be reinstated.Mr. Lee stated that a needs assessment was needed tofind out what neighborhoods and age groups are beingunder served and that he would pass the request on tothe Recreation and Park Board.
Mr. Borgman asked if the Victory Garden would be takenaway from Interboro Park. Mr. Lee stated that the Recreationand Park Board would wait until the end of the growingseason and then take it back. Mr. Lee stated that theRecreation and Park Board was discussing holding fundraising events every year to help with park revitalizationcosts. President Council expressed his concern thatthe Recreation and Park Board would act independentlyof Borough Council and stated that they needed to coordinatewith the Borough Manager on the various issues.

Old Business – There was a lengthy discussionregarding certain sections of Mr. Lee’s revisedpermit ordinance. Mr. Wayne questioned the manner ofpicketing and walking a route in front of an entireblock of houses. Chief Kortan stated that he could notshut down a street in 24 hours or less as cited in Section2 and that 72 hours was more realistic. Mr. Lee statedhe would confer with Mr. Scott about revising the questionablelanguage in the discussed sections. Mr. Wayne askedif readvertising the ordinance would be necessary. Mr.Scott stated that due to the added restrictions andlanguage changes, readvertising would be necessary.
New Business – Mr. Smith moved to approve bills forthe period. Mr. Borgman seconded and the motion carriedunanimously.
Mr. Smith moved to table award of Contract TCC-1, Furnishand Install Steam Boiler at the Twentieth Century Club,until the September 15, 2004 General Council meeting.Mrs. Fryer seconded and the motion carried unanimously.
Mrs. Fryer moved to adjourn to Executive Session todiscuss one litigation issue. Mr. Borgman seconded andthe motion carried unanimously. The meeting adjournedinto Executive Session at 10:21 PM.
There were no motions made upon reconvening into PublicSession.
Mrs. Fryer moved to adjourn the meeting,seconded by Mr. Borgman. The motion carried unanimouslyand the meeting adjourned at 10:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Ann Henry
Borough Secretary

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