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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Lansdowne Borough Council General Meeting
Wednesday – March 17, 2004

The Lansdowne Borough Council General Meeting was held on Wednesday, March 17, 2004 at 7:30 PM in Borough Hall. Present were President Council, Mrs. Fryer, Mr. Borgman, Mrs. Hill, Mr. Smith and Mr. Wayne. Also in attendance were Mayor Young, Borough Engineer Bevilacqua, Treasurer Asciutto, Borough Manager Forrest, Solicitor Scott, Borough Secretary Henry and Police Chief Kortan. Ms. Madden and Fire Chief Young were absent from the meeting.

President Council stated that the meeting was being taped by Comcast and will be shown on March 22nd at 7:00 PM on Channel 10.

Minutes – Mr. Smith moved to approve the minutes of the February 18, 2004 Borough Council General Meeting. Mr. Borgman seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Announcements and Presentations

Mayor Young announced that the annual Borough Yard Sale will be held on May 1st.

Mayor Young announced that the Lansdowne Symphony Orchestra will hold a concert on March 21st.

Mayor Young announced that the Darby Creek cleanup will be held in Hoffman Park on April 28th.

Mayor Young announced that the Arbor Day celebration will be held at Sycamore Park on April 30th at 1:00 PM.

Mayor Young announced that the Lansdowne public library will be holding poetry readings the second Monday of every month. The first one will be held on April 12th at 7:00 PM.

Mayor Young announced that Representative Micozzie will sponsor a senior expo at Ardmore Elementary School on April 7th.

Mayor Young announced that April 27th is Election Day.

Mayor Young stated that residents should secure their dogs to protect the mail carriers.

Mayor Young announced that a Child Identification Program will be held at the Friendship Circle Senior Center free of charge. Fingerprinting and a DNA kit will be provided.

Mayor Young announced that the Penn Wood High School Boys and Girls basketball teams have qualified for the district playoffs.

Mayor Young announced that the Ladies Auxiliary is looking for new members.

Treasurer’s Report – Mr. Asciutto reported that total General Fund revenues for February, 2004 amounted to $106,204.44; total General Fund expenditures for February, 2004 amounted to $380,179.26. The balance of all funds amounted to $8,384,364.00 for February.The ending balance for the Police Pension Fund for January was $ 5,959,410.69. The ending balance for the Non-Uniform Pension Fund was $536,997.08. The Sewer Fund 2003 year end balance was $711,000; the General Fund 2003 year end balance was $391,000.

Mr. Smith moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report as read. Mrs. Fryer seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Engineer’s Report – Mr. Bevilacqua stated his items would be covered under Committee reports.

Solicitor’s Report – Mr. Scott stated his items would be covered in Executive Session.


A.President’s Report – President Council had one follow up item from last month’s meeting: additional stop signs will be posted at the corner of Stratford and Highland Avenues. The signs will state that it is not a four way stop intersection. Chief Kortan will monitor the traffic flow here.

President Council stated that plans are underway for the 2004 Arts Festival to be held on September 17, 18 and 19. June 1st is the deadline for artistic submissions.

B.Economic Development – Mr. Wayne reported that the Bell Building has been purchased by a Lansdowne business and will move in by year’s end. The business is a leading provider of plug in and server based tools for customization and delivery of electronic documents.

Mr. Wayne reported that the Redevelopment Certification Report involving phase I of the plan was presented to the Borough Planning Commission on March 11th. Phase I certifies that the defined area is eligible for redevelopment according to the technical legal criteria. Phase II states what the redevelopment should look like in the future. Mr. Wayne stated that the Planning Commission certified that the redevelopment area met the criteria for redevelopment. Public comments are due by March 24th. Urban Partners is starting to develop alternative planning concepts for Phase II. The next Steering Committee meeting will be held on April 1st to discuss alternative planning concepts. A public meeting to discuss the alternative concepts will be held some time in April, date to be determined later.

Mr. Wayne reported that a $25,000 grant application is being submitted for the Elm Street Program and an additional $25,000 grant will go toward the Renaissance Program. These funds will be used to develop a neighborhood revitalization strategy for the area of Lansdowne south of the railroad tracks between Lansdowne and Union Avenues with the exact location to be defined at a later date. Mr. Wayne stated that there is a possibility of having a joint effort with Yeadon to extend the area beyond Fairview Avenue.

Mr. Wayne stated that the Economic Development Committee will be dealing with the historic district issue in conjunction with the Community Development Committee. There may be an establishment of an Act 167 district to preserve the historic appearance of the Borough.

Mr. Wayne stated that a Lansdowne community marketing brochure may be developed to target prospective residents and promote the Borough.

Mr. Wayne stated that additional Committee meetings will be held on March 23rd, April 28th and May 25th.

Mr. Wayne reported that the LEDC will be proceeding with the Main Street application funding for facade improvements.

Mr. Wayne stated that the COG met on April 27th and the next meeting will be March 19th.

C. Finance and Administration – Mr. Smith reported that the Police Pension Fund has grown by 2% under Smith Barney’s direction. Capital project financing will be decided on at the March 29th Committee meeting.

Mr. Smith stated that a preconstruction meeting will be held on March 23rd regarding the $80,000 grant for the Twentieth Century Club project.

D. Municipal Services – Mrs. Fryer stated that March 29th will be the next meeting of the Municipal Services Committee. Andy Fahrquhar will make a presentation regarding the way Lansdowne is billed by DELCORA.

Mrs. Fryer stated that the Lansdowne Avenue Sewer project will be advertised on March 22nd and March 26th with bids being received on April 6th at 10:00 AM at Borough Hall.

Mrs. Fryer stated that a new bulk trash flyer will be available. The program will start on April 1st and is now year round instead of once a year. Residents must call Borough Hall to schedule a pickup and additional information will be available in the next newsletter.

Mrs. Fryer thanked Mary Lou Jennings for her help in the storm drain marking project.

Mrs. Fryer stated that a School Board Personnel Committee meeting will hold a meeting on March 18th regarding the national search for a new superintendent.

Mrs. Fryer reported that the annual Penn Wood High School art show and sale will be held on April 18th at the school.

E.Public Safety – Mrs. Hill gave the February Police Report: 528 incidents, 1079 parking tickets. There was no fire report given.

F.Community Development – Mr. Borgman reported that the zoning overlay ordinance has been submitted to the Local and County Commissions.

Mr. Borgman gave the monthly Codes Department report: 59 permits, 65 inspections and 58 contractors registered.

Mr. Borgman stated that the demolition of 56 S. Union is in progress; the demolition of 132 Bartram Avenue has been approved and the date is being scheduled.

Mr. Borgman stated that the Committee is beginning to revise the property maintenance code.Issues to be covered in the first year of consolidation include standardization of administrative processes and fee schedules and the establishment of specialized in house skills to facilitate certification efforts required by the new State building code. The State codes go into effect after April 9th. Also, the Community Development Committee would like to develop a community outreach program for home maintenance, contractor selection and creditory lending to help the Borough with service and compliance.

Mr. Borgman stated that Zoning Hearing Board will meet on March 25th. The next Community Development Committee meeting will be on April 13th.

G.Parks and Recreation – There was no report given in Ms. Madden’s absence.

Mr. Wayne moved to suspend the Rules of Order. Mr. Smith seconded and the motion carried unanimously.


Jack Covert232 Jackson Avenue – Mr. Covert asked if Borough Council would consider making a contribution to the Lansdowne Symphony Orchestra. Their next concert will be held on March 21st at the Upper Darby Performing Arts Center.

Mr. Covert again asked Borough Council to consider adopting a resolution that will change the School Board election process.

Mr. Covert stated that the possible sale of the Highland Avenue parking lot would hurt businesses as parking is needed for customers and serves as an anchor for many residents who attend various activities at St. Philomena’s. He asked Borough Council not to sell it until after the business area planning is finalized. President Council stated that there is no current buyer for the lot and municipal property would have to be sold through auction. The LEDC is looking into the parking issues.

Mr. Covert asked if on street parking was being eliminated along the Baltimore Avenue corridor. President Council stated this parking would not be eliminated.

Joe Heath 55 W. Greenwood Avenue – Mr. Heath asked if there was a veterans memorial located on Borough property. President Council stated it was located near the Penn Wood high school on public property.

Mr. Heath stated that a large bush is blocking visibility at the southeast corner of Stratford and Highland Avenues.

Mr. Heath asked what Chief Kortan’s function is at Borough Council. President Council stated that Chief Kortan reports on issues related to the police department. Mr. Heath asked why the Fire Company was not present. President Council stated that the Fire Chief is not a paid Borough employee and not mandated to be present at the meetings.

Mr. Heath asked if Borough Council will consider an ordinance that eliminates distribution of flyers from moving vehicles. President Council stated that residents can call the 800 number on the flyer to stop distribution. Mr. Scott stated it was a First Amendment protected activity but he will further investigate the issue.

John Callaghan13 W. Greenwood Avenue – Mr. Callaghan asked if the Sewer Fund overflow would be given back to the taxpayers. President Council stated that it would not be given back in order to help keep tax increases at a minimum.

Mr. Callaghan suggested that the newsletter list what type of trash will be collected, stating that some of his trash is not being picked up.

Mr. Callaghan asked why a real estate item is held for Executive Session. Mr. Scott stated that any time a price is set on real estate the Sunshine Act permits an Executive Session discussion. Otherwise the price is being negotiated in public.

Mr. Callaghan asked Borough Council to look into the danger of cell towers stating that Havertown engineers had deemed them dangerous in that community. Mrs. Fryer stated there is no documentation that supports the engineer’s report.

Janice Smaw73 Nyack Avenue – Ms. Smaw stated that tractor trailers are still driving down Nyack Avenue. Mrs. Hill stated that signage will be going up but an ordinance will first have to be passed.

Ms. Smaw stated that parents should be aware of the dangers of their children wearing dark clothing at night while skate boarding on Scottdale Road. President Council suggested that a community education program on wearing reflective clothing might be helpful.

Old Business – None

New Business – Mr. Wayne moved to approve Resolution 2004-8, a resolution authorizing the submission of an application to the Department of Community and Economic Developments for funds through the Elm Street Program. Mr. Borgman seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Wayne moved to dispense with the reading of and approve Resolution 2004-7, a resolution authorizing the submission of grant applications for the 2004 Renaissance Program. Mr. Borgman seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Communications – None.

Bills – Mr. Smith moved to authorize payment of bills for the period. Mr. Borgman seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Smith moved to adjourn to Executive Session to discuss a real estate issue. Mrs. Fryer seconded and the meeting adjourned at 8:48 PM. There were no motions made upon reconvening into Public Session.

Mr. Smith moved to adjourn the Public meeting, seconded by Mr. Borgman. The motion carried unanimously and the meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Ann Henry
Borough Secretary

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