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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Lansdowne Borough Council General Meeting
Wednesday – November 19, 2003

The General Meeting of the Lansdowne Borough Council was held on Wednesday, November 19, 2003 at 7:30 PM in Borough Hall. Present were President Campuzano, Mr. Council, Mr. Borgman, Mr. Burke, Mrs. Fryer and Mr. Klingler. Also in attendance were Mayor Young, Treasurer Asciutto, Borough Engineer Bevilacqua, Borough Manager Forrest, Solicitor Scott, Borough Secretary Henry and Police Chief Kortan. Mr. Smith and Fire Chief Young were absent from the meeting. Mr. Klingler mentioned that visitors on a study tour from Bosnia were present and had spent the last two weeks learning about the financial aspects of government as it pertains to the national, state and local levels. President Campuzano stated that the meeting was being taped by Comcast and will be shown on November 24th at 7:00 PM on Channel 10.

Minutes Mr. Burke moved to approve the minutes of the October 15, 2003 Council General Meeting. Mr. Klingler seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Presentations and Announcements Mayor Young announced that the second annual No Place For Hate Snowflake Gathering will be held on November 21st at 7:30-9:30 PM at the Twentieth Century Club. Mayor Young announced that the Lansdowne Presbyterian Church craft fair will be held on november 22nd. Mayor Young announced that the annual Lansdowne Christmas tree lighting will be held on november 29th at 5:30 PM. Mayor Young announced that the Lansdowne Symphony Orchestra will perform Handels Messiah on December 5th at the Upper Darby Performing Arts Center. Mayor Young announced that the Lansdowne Christmas House Tour and Tea will be held on December 13th. Mayor Young announced that the Ladies Auxiliary is selling their fire bears at the Fire Company.

Treasurer’s Report Mr. Asciutto reported that total General Fund revenues for October amounted to $298,466.92 and total expenditures amounted to $336,259.33. Mr. Asciutto reported the ending balance of all funds as of October 31, 2003 was $8,688,008.47. Mr. Asciutto reported that the ending balance in the Police Pension Fund for $5,760,511.49. The ending balance on October 31st for the nonUniform Pension Plan was $581,250.99. Mr. Council moved to approve the Treasurers Report as read. Mr. Klingler seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Engineer’s Report Mr. Bevilacqua stated that his items would be covered under Committee reports.

Solicitor’s Report Mr. Scott stated his items would be discussed in Executive Session.


A. Presidents Report President Campuzano reported on two follow up items from last months meeting:
  • Police patrols have been issuing tickets to trucks traveling on Scottdale Road and continue to monitor the situation.
  • More signage for 25 m.p.h. will be posted on nyack Avenue and the speeding and truck traffic is being monitored.
President Campuzano thanked all those who made the Halloween Party a success. President Campuzano announced that the 4th annual Gift Givers Program will run until December 19. President Campuzano reported that Lansdowne resident Jason Gunn was awarded a commendation medal for exceptional meritous achievement while serving in Iraq and is currently recovering from wounds suffered while attending to injured soldiers. Mayor Young will endeavor to honor him at a future general council meeting. President Campuzano thanked the Lansdowne Democrats for their help in the Adopt A Highway Program held last week.

B. Economic Development Mr. Council reported that the LEDC has filed the application for a final nC3. Also, they are in the process of developing a non-profit organization called the Lansdowne Arts Cooperative which will be one of the organizations used to support the Fine Arts Festival. Mr. Council reported that the grant application has been submitted regarding the potential project on Scottdale Road. Mr. Council clarified some confusion surrounding the scope of this project. Mr. Council stated that the primary purpose of this project is to reduce traffic on Scottdale Road and to allow residents easier access to Hoffman Park. The plan is to make the road one way either west or east from Baltimore Avenue to the Hoffman Park entrance and from The Knoll to Lansdowne Avenue. no decisions will be made as to the direction of one way traffic until the design of the traffic study has been completed. Mr. Council stated that there is no plan to completely close Scottdale Road. Mr. Council reported that a procedural meeting was held regarding the progression of the redevelopment plan.

C. Finance and Administration Mr. Klingler reported that most of the Committees activities over the past month involved the 2004 budget. Mr. Klingler reported that the Borough is currently $175,000 short that may increase taxes by .5 mils. The budget is not final at this time and a special meeting of the Finance and Administration Committee will be held on November 25th in Borough Hall at 7:00 PM.

D. Municipal Services Mr. Burke reported that the 2003 Road Program, the 2003 Road Maintenance Program and the West Stratford Avenue sewer line replacement are now complete. Mr. Burke thanked Mr. Forrest and Mr. Bevilacqua for expediting this matter. Mr. Burke gave the recycling report for October:

  • Cans- 2.65 tons
  • Newspapers – 42.47 tons
  • Glass- 3.09 tons

E. Public Safety Mrs. Fryer gave the Police Report for October: 558 incidents, 1,066 parking tickets and 7,306 miles traveled by police vehicles. There was no Fire Company report. Mrs. Fryer stated that Mrs. Meyers, a former kindergarten teacher at the Ardmore school, passed away November 16th.

F. Parks and Recreation Mr. Borgman reported that the Radio City Christmas trip will be held on December 7th . Mr. Borgman stated that mediation for moving the Interboro Park toy was still pending. Mr. Borgman reported that the Recreation and Park Board recommended that the Hoffman Park fields be closed temporarily due to abuse from football games. Repair costs will run approximately $2,000. Mr. Borgman stated that three terms are expiring at the end of 2003 on the Recreation and Park Board.

G. Zoning, Planning and Code Enforcement There was no report given in Mr. Smiths absence. Mr. Council moved to suspend the Rules of Order. Mr. Klingler seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Visitors: Edith Bassie 70 Sayers Avenue Mrs. Bassie stated that Lansdowne is a very convenient place to live, especially for University of Pennsylvania professionals. Mrs. Bassie stated that an old water hookup in Hays Park should be utilized for watering the plants there. Jack Covert 232 Jackson Avenue Mr. Covert asked Borough Council to support the Community Council for Educations efforts to change the election process of the William Penn School Board members. Mr. Covert suggested that a resolution be presented to the William Penn School District and the five neighboring communities. Mr. Covert stated that Lansdowne pays over 30 of the taxes but only has 22 representation on the School Board. Mr. Covert stated his support of the Fire Companys decision on the siren issue. Mr. Covert asked that Borough Council consider making a monetary contribution to the Lansdowne Symphony Orchestra. John McKelligott 107 Gladstone Road Mr. McKelligott urged everyone to pay attention to the CCEs recommendations. Mr. McKelligott stated that as part of a senior project, jazz students at PennWood High School conduct jazz concerts twice a month on Saturday night in the Social Hall at the Methodist Church, 7-9 PM. These self instructed seniors have been invited to play at the Clef Club in Philadelphia. Mr. McKelligott stated his appreciation to the departing members of Borough Council for all their dedicated service to the Borough. Bob Terrenaten 262 Bryn Mawr Avenue Mr. Terrenaten stated his concern that if traffic is diverted from Scottdale Road onto Lansdowne Avenue the business district will suffer from the traffic congestion. Joe Heath 55 W. Greenwood Avenue Mr. Heath stated that his driveway apron was damaged during the recent sewer repair projects. Mr. Burke stated that if damaged by the contractor restitution will be made. Mr. Heath asked why Runnemede Avenue has remained undeveloped beyond Stratford Avenue to Bryn Mawr Avenue. Mr. Klingler stated this was privately owned property. Mr. Heath stated that the parking along both sides of W. Greenwood Avenue from Mansfield to Eldon Avenues is hazardous for night driving. Two members of the Bosnian study tour, all of whom are primarily deputy financial officers, addressed the audience with the help of their interpreter. They stated their appreciation to Mr. Klingler for being a host during their stay. The members expressed their gratitude for being able to come to this country in order to learn about new information systems and technology that will facilitate the operation of their countrys financial governing procedures on Local, County, State and Federal levels. They offered an open invitation to visit their country at any time.

Old Business None.

New Business Mrs. Fryer moved to recommend the promotion of Officers T. Murphy and M. Mugler to Class B Patrolman, effective November 20, 2003. Mr. Klingler seconded and the motion carried unanimously. Mr. Council moved to reject all bids for the demolition of 56 S. Union Avenue and authorize re-advertising of bids. Mr. Burke seconded and the motion carried unanimously. Mr. Klingler moved to approve Resolution no. 2003-27, regarding solicitation of proposals for the 2004 Tax Anticipation note. Mr. Council seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Communications None.

Bills Mr. Klingler moved to authorize payment of bills for the period. Mrs. Fryer seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Executive Session None.

Mr. Burke moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Mr. Council. The motion carried unanimously and the meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Ann Henry
Borough Secretary

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