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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Lansdowne Borough Council Business Meeting
Wednesday, October 1, 2003

The Business Meeting of the Lansdowne Borough Council was held on Wednesday,

October 1, 2003 at 7:30 PM at Borough Hall. In attendance were President Campuzano, Mr. Council, Mr. Borgman, Mr. Burke, Mrs. Fryer and Mr. Klingler. Mr. Smith and Fire Chief Young were absent. Also in attendance were Mayor Young, Solicitor Scott, Borough Engineer Bevilacqua, Borough Manager Forrest, Borough Secretary Henry, Police Chief Kortan, Treasurer Asciutto and Code Enforcement Officer Travers.
Mr. Klingler moved to approve the minutes of the September 3, 2003 Business Meeting. Mr. Borgman seconded and the motion carried unanimously.


Dr. Len Wert
221 N. Lansdowne Avenue
Dr. Wert cited several properties in the Borough that remain blighted and asked why nothing is being done to solve this problem.
President Campuzano stated that the Borough cannot arbitrarily evict owners who do not keep their properties maintained and that the legal process was very slow in remedying this type of problem.
Code Enforcement Officer Travers stated that all the cited properties have been addressed and that several citations have been issued.

Dr. Wert inquired about the status of the Lansdowne theater. Mr. Council stated that one developer in California was interested in developing it as a film festival venue but was currently having problems with potential investors.

Paul Merder
29 W. Stratford Avenue
Mr. Merder questioned the issue of inspecting rental units versus private houses and asked why landlords were being scrutinized more than homeowners.
Mr. Council stated that 35% of residences in the Borough are multi-family dwellings. Several have absentee landlords who have contributed to the problem of buildings not being up to code which is why code compliance is now being enforced more vigorously.
Mr. Council suggested that Mr. Merder call the Code enforcement officers if he had any questions about fees, permits, etc.

John Callaghan
13 W. Greenwood Avenue – Mr. Callaghan asked if a one day trash collection could be implemented during the winter to save money.
Mr. Burke felt the residents would not be agreeable to this.

Mr. Callaghan asked if regional police could be used instead of a Borough police force to save money.
Mr. Council stated that we already have some overlap with the Clifton Heights and East Lansdowne police forces.
President Campuzano felt that the current arrangement was suitable for the Borough.

Mr. Callaghan stated that Yeadon’s code enforcement office would not give him the revenue papers that he requested. Mr. Bonenberger will look into the matter.

Mr. Callaghan asked if Lansdowne could acquire HUD money as Upper Darby currently does. Mr. Council stated that Upper Darby is a Home Rule Charter municipality and Lansdowne is not. Therefore, Lansdowne has to split any available money among the 39 remaining municipalities. Lansdowne currently has a weatherization and low income repair program.

Edith Bassie
70 Sayers Avenue
Mrs. Bassie stated that the pear tree in Hays Park will be cut down by the owner.

Mrs. Bassie stated that water damage insurance could be obtained for $48 per year for residents experiencing basement water damage on Nyack and Sayers Avenues.
President Campuzano stated that the code enforcement officers should not be called out regarding this problem.

Mrs. Bassie stated that an ant problem exists in homes at the end of Nyack Avenue and asked who should handle this problem.
President Campuzano stated that the property owners should be contacted and that an exterminator should be used.

Reports and Discussions

A. Treasurer’s Report.
Mr. Asciutto had no report.

B. Engineer’s Report.
Mr. Bevilacqua stated that the West Stratford Avenue sewer

project was 90% complete.

Mr. Bevilacqua reported that a pre-construction meeting will be held tomorrow at Borough Hall regarding the 2003 Road Program.

Mr. Bevilacqua stated that the seal coating process is off schedule by one day in the 2003 Road Maintenance program due to the weather.
Mr. Burke stated that he received complaints from residents who moved their cars but their particular street was not paved as scheduled.
Mr. Bevilacqua stated that the notice said “weather permitting”.
Mr. Burke suggested that residents be notified the day before and have the road crew follow through with the project.

Mr. Bevilacqua stated that the sod work is completed for 288 W. Greenwood Avenue.
Mr. Scott will lien this property after all pertinent work is finished.

Mr. Bevilacqua stated that sod cannot yet be put down at 129 Fairview Avenue because of structural problems at 130 Bartram Avenue.

Mr. Bevilacqua stated that storm sewer repair work started today at 151 Glentay Avenue and lighted barricades need to be put in place.

Mr. Bevilacqua stated that the Twentieth Century Club project will be rebid in February as the current bid is $23,000 over budget. He suggested that Mr. Forrest write to the County to request additional funds for this project.

Mr. Council gave an overview of the Scottdale Road Pedestrian/bike path project. Tentative plans are to have one way traffic east on Scottdale Road between Bonnie’s Plants and The Knoll. This is to give people access to Hoffman Park by foot and bike instead of spending a huge amount of money to build a path along the side of the road. A discussion followed concerning the impact on local traffic, speed limits and the proposed bike pathway through Lansdowne Court.
President Campuzano felt it would be safer to have traffic turn right onto Scottdale Road from Baltimore Avenue rather than at Lansdowne Avenue.
Mr. Council stated the speed limit would remain at 15 m.p.h. Mayor Young suggested that a counter be put in place to determine the quantity of traffic on Scottdale Road.

C. Solicitor’s Report
Mr. Scott had no report. He stated that he would be

receiving the PNC note approval any day.

D. Public Safety
Mrs. Fryer stated that the next Public Safety Committee meeting

would be held on November 12th at 7:30 PM.

E. Borough Manager’s Report
Mr. Forrest asked Council members to remit their

old Code books for updated material.

Mr. Forrest reported that the Borough crew is attending a 12 week course concerning waste water collection systems and will receive certifications upon the completion of the course.

F. Police Chief Dan Kortan
Chief Kortan had no report.

G. Mayor Young
Mayor Young asked if some directional signs could be put up

for the Ardmore Avenue school. Chief Kortan stated he would look into the matter.

Mayor Young reported that the No Place For Hate committee is being formed and is working on the required three projects.
Mayor Young asked how much money could be made available to the committee. Mr. Forrest will check the budget. The next meeting of the committee will be held on October 14th at 7:30 PM. The first event is scheduled for October 21st at the Twentieth Century Club.

Mayor Young stated that Dan Simpson wants to create a poetry booklet from all poetry submissions from the Fine Arts Festival and asked if funds were available for this. Mr. Council will check into the matter. Mr. Council stated that he is putting together a non profit corporation called the Lansdowne Arts Cooperative to do fund raising. The hope is that next year the LEDC and Arts Cooperative will be the major partners in the Fine Arts Festival with the Borough being a minor partner.

President Campuzano asked if Christmas lights would be put up in the business district. Mayor Young stated that the LBPA members will continue to light their store fronts. Budgetary concerns regarding additional tree/shrubs lighting was mentioned and other options for funding will be investigated.

H. President’s Report
President Campuzano thanked Mr. Forrest and Mr. Travers

for their help in handling the cleanup after the recent hurricane. Chief Kortan thanked Mr. Forrest for having a plan and strategy in place before the storm. Mr. Forrest thanked Fire Chief Young and the Borough crew for their input and help in dealing with the cleanup. Mr. Forrest stated that PECO will come in on Friday to offer training on handling downed electrical wires.

President Campuzano stated that funds for lighted barricades would have to be made available in next year’s budget.

President Campuzano stated that the Borough Halloween Party will be held on November 2nd from 2-3:30 PM at the Twentieth Century Club.

I. Economic Development
Mr. Council reported that his Committee met on

September 24th to discuss the Redevelopment Plan. Money has been received to do the studies necessary to put together a new redevelopment district in the Borough. Mr. Council stated that the boundaries for the redevelopment area at present include the central business district from Union to Owen Avenues and from the railroad tracks to Stewart Avenue near LaCrosse. Mr. Council stated that Urban Partners have been recommended for the bid award which is a special contract not subject to bidding law.

Mr. Council stated that the Fine Arts Festival was a great success with about 1,000 attendees and thanked everyone for their efforts. Mr. Council stated that better promotion would be needed for next year’s festival scheduled for September 18, 19 and 20. Mr. Council stated that a Lansdowne Arts Cooperative is going to be formed and one of its initial efforts will be to develop a gallery/teaching space in Lansdowne for the artist community’s use. Mr. Scott’s law firm has agreed to do the legal work necessary for this development on a pro bono basis.

Mr. Council stated that proposed House Bill 1654 focuses on code enforcement training and will add a $2.00 fee to building permits. Mr. Council stated that the “minor repair clause” was a problem in that it defines a minor repair as a “nonstructural repair that costs $1,000 or less or as otherwise defined by ordinance of a municipality which has elected to enforce the act of November 10, 1999 known as the Pennsylvania Construction Code Act. Mr. Council stated that the Borough will be bound by this law if it joins with the State in implementing the Pennsylvania Construction Code. Some problems with this Bill include not defining a nonstructural repair and the $1,000 allowance for such repairs. Mr. Bonenberger stated that Act 45 already addresses the minor repairs issue and the focus should be on getting legislators to look at the language of Bill 1654. Mr. Council stated that the Borough needs to educate residents about what types of jobs require permits. All Borough Council members were in agreement about sending a letter to the legislators.

J. Finance and Administration
Mr. Klingler reported that proposals from

Salomon Smith Barney and Lincoln Financial have been received regarding Police Pension Fund management.

Mr. Klingler stated that the revised Police Pension Plan will be brought into compliance with Act 30.

K. Municipal Services
Mr. Burke stated that the next Committee meeting will be

held on October 6th at 6:30 PM.
L. Zoning and Code Enforcement
No report was given in Mr. Smith’s absence.

M. Parks and Recreation
Mr. Borgman stated that the Skate Park Steering

Committee wants Mr. Bevilacqua to develop the specifications for paving and seating in the Highland Avenue parking lot. Mr. Borgman recommended using a portion of the money allotted in this year’s budget to relocate the toy at Interboro Park and to replace this cost in 2004. A discussion followed regarding the costs involved in moving the toy. Mr. Council felt that it could be done for less than $60,000.

Mr. Borgman stated that the Tree Advisory Board will be doing their annual Borough tree survey on October 5th.

Mr. Borgman stated that the next Recreation and Park Board meeting will be held on October 20th. The Park and Recreation Committee meeting will be held on October 21st.

Old Business

New Business
Mr. Klingler moved to reject all bids for improvements to the Twentieth Century Club. Mr. Burke seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Council moved to engage Urban Partners to develop a redevelopment area plan subject to the approval of the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission. Mr. Klingler seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Council moved to authorize the Borough Manager to apply for Transportation Enhancement Funding for the construction of a pedestrian/bike path on Scottdale Road. Mr. Borgman seconded and the motion carried unanimously. The estimated cost would be $220,000.00.

Mrs. Fryer moved to award a two year contract to Signal Service, Inc. for the maintenance of traffic signals for an amount not to exceed $6,725.00. Mr. Burke seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Borgman moved to abstain with the reading of and approve Resolution No. 2003-24, a resolution making application to the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, for a Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Recreation, Park and Open Space Plan. Mr. Klingler seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Klingler moved to abstain with the reading of and approve Resolution No. 2003-25, a resolution of the Borough declaring its intent to destroy records. Mr. Borgman seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Executive Session

Mr. Klingler moved to adjourn the meeting. Mr. Council seconded and the motion carried unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 9:55 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Ann Henry
Borough Secretary

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No Place for Hate
Storm Water
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