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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Borough Council Business Meeting
Wednesday – May 7, 2003

The Business Meeting of the Lansdowne Borough Council was held on Wednesday, May 7, 2003 at 7:30 PM at Borough Hall. In attendance were President Campuzano, Mr. Borgman, Mr. Burke, Mrs. Fryer, Mr. Klingler and Mr. Smith. Also in attendance were Mayor Young, Solicitor Bech, Borough Manager Forrest, Borough Engineer Bevilacqua, Police Chief Kortan, Treasurer Asciutto, Borough Secretary Henry and Code Enforcement Officer Travers. Also present was Calvin Bonenberger, the Director of Code Enforcement for Yeadon Borough. Mr. Council and Fire Chief Young were absent.
President Campuzano asked for a moment of silence in memory of Eleanor Falls.
Mr. Borgman moved to approve the minutes of the April 2, 2003 Business Meeting. Mr. Smith seconded and the motion carried unanimously.
Mr. Borgman moved to Suspend the Rules of Order. Mr. Smith seconded and the motion carried unanimously.


Thomas W. Harrison, Sr.
Fairview Avenue
— Mr. Harrison asked if any surveillance was being done for the drug problem in that neighborhood. Chief Kortan stated that several active steps are being taken regarding the drug traffic. Some arrests have been made and active surveillance is ongoing but further information cannot be divulged due to the nature of the investigation.

Ronald Heath
Fairview Avenue
— Mr. Heath asked if the drug problem was also present in other areas of the Borough. Chief Kortan stated that this particular problem is more severe in the Nyack and Fairview Avenue vicinity.

Jack Covert
232 Jackson Avenue
— Mr. Covert asked if Resolution 2003-08 concerning the Anti-Terrorism Act would be signed into law tonight. President Campuzano stated it would be voted on in the next General Meeting when Mr. Council would be present. Mr. Covert asked if it would be a resolution of legislative character that becomes Borough law if Mayor Young signs it. Mr. Bech stated it would implement Borough policy regarding certain Borough employees and would have legal effect but it was Borough Council’s decision whether all or part of it will be implemented into law. Mr. Bech stated that the intent is to confirm that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land and these rights take precedence over restrictions or matters imposed by the legislative branch.
Mr. Covert asked if the unofficial minutes of Borough meetings could be put onto the Web site. President Campuzano stated that minutes are not put onto the Web site for public reading until they are approved at the next Council meeting.
Mr. Covert stated that a banquet for the concluding season of the Lansdowne Symphony Orchestra will be held this Friday at the Corinthian Yacht Club. Six concerts are planned for next year, all of which will be held in Upper Darby.

Edith Bassie
70 Sayers Avenue
— Mrs. Bassie asked about the status of the road resurfacing/improvement plan and whether Sayers Avenue would be resurfaced. Mr. Burke stated that the plan had not yet been passed and that Sayers Avenue would not be on the high priority list.

John Callaghan
13 W. Greenwood Avenue
— Mr. Callaghan asked if the Code Enforcement Departments for Yeadon and Lansdowne had been combined and what Mr. Bonenberger would be doing for Lansdowne. Mr. Smith stated the code departments are now combined. Mr. Bonenberger stated that the state wide Building Code would become effective in October and that a tremendous amount of certification requirements and administrative regulations would be placed on municipalities. The consolidation of the Code departments will create a pool of inspectors who can more expeditiously carry out the certification requirements for small communities.

Reports and Discussions

  1. Treasurer’s Report — Mr. Asciutto reported that the PennVest audit is now completed for 2001 and 2002. Mr. Burke asked what the total building permit fees have been since January, 2003. Mr. Asciutto stated he did not yet have the April figures and would correct the mechanical permits number on the budget.
  2. Engineer’s Report — Mr. Bevilacqua reported that the West Albemarle Sewer project is completed. Mr. Burke moved to authorize a $54,127.80 payment to A. Gargiule & Sons. Mr. Klingler seconded and the motion carried unanimously. Mr. Bevilacqua stated that specs have been revised that include the demolition of 288 W. Greenwood Avenue but eliminate the demolition of 96 McKinley Avenue. Bids are to be advertised on May 12th and 16th and received on May 27th at 10:00 AM in Borough Hall. Mr. Smith moved to advertise the demolition of 288 W. Greenwood Avenue. Mr. Burke seconded and the motion carried unanimously. Mr. Bevilacqua stated that the six items on the Road Program schedule would cost approximately $120,000-$131,000. Item #4 would be an add/alternate depending upon the bidding. The Road Maintenance Program has about $25,000 budgeted for crack sealing and seal coating. The spot base repair of $11,000-$14,000 would be an add/alternate if necessary. Mr. Bevilacqua stated that approximately $55,000-$65,000 would be necessary for relocating the toy and draining the swampy area in Interboro Park. Mr. Borgman asked if the County would be treating the area for prevention of the West Nile Virus. Mrs. Fryer stated the County will be treating the area. Mr. Bevilacqua reported that Coleman Bros. was the low bidder for the Fire House driveway repairs. Mr. Burke moved to award the bid of $6,125.00 to Coleman Bros. and the bid of $460.00 to Trout Construction Company for Fire House driveway repairs. Mr. Klingler seconded and the motion carried unanimously. Mr. Borgman asked Borough Council’s permission to gather costs for the Skate Park regarding surveying, grading, laying asphalt, fencing and bleachers. Mr. Borgman moved to authorize the Borough Engineer to provide a list of estimated costs for site preparation of the Skate Board Park. Mrs. Fryer seconded and the motion carried unanimously.
  3. Solicitor’s Report — Mr. Bech reported that the Zoning Hearing Board has denied the McGinnis variance request application due to concerns about overall size and the number of vehicles to be parked at the site.
  4. Borough Manager’s Report — Mr. Forrest reported that a $33,000 grant has been approved by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission for a feasibility study to widen Union Avenue between Baltimore and Fairview Avenues. Mr. Forrest reported that a $40,000 DVRPC grant had been approved for a redevelopment area plan for Baltimore Avenue from Lansdowne to Union Avenues and for Lansdowne Avenue from Stewart Avenue to the train tracks. Mr. Forrest reported that the Estate has entered into an agreement of sale with another party on the Burkholder property and further communication will be received. Mr. Forrest stated that grant agreements had been received from the County regarding the Comprehensive Plan Funding Agreement. Mr. Forrest asked that all Council members turn in their Comcast negotiations surveys as soon as possible.
  5. Police Chief Dan Kortan — Chief Kortan reported that progress is being made on hiring a replacement for Officer Rutherford.
  6. Fire Chief Tom Young — There was no report given in Chief Young’s absence.
  7. Mayor Young — Mayor Young reported that 6 Boy Scouts will participate in the next General Council meeting for approximately 10 minutes to report on their community involvement project. Mayor Young stated that the Penn Wood High Q team will be recognized at the next General meeting. Mayor Young asked that consideration be given for making a contribution to the Lansdowne Symphony Orchestra. Mayor Young stated that a representative was needed to attend the May 17th Eagle Scouts Court of Honor award presentation at 2:00 PM. Mr. Smith offered to attend. Mr. Smith asked that former Lansdowne resident Kelly McKenna, who had taught at St. Philomena’s School for 25 years, be recognized at the next General meeting.
  8. President’s Report — President Campuzano thanked the GLCA for the cleanup efforts at the train station and Sycamore Park. President Campuzano thanked the Lansdowne Democrats for their highway trash pickup efforts.
  9. Economic Development — There was no report given in Mr. Council’s absence.
  10. Finance and Administration — Mr. Klingler stated that the intent of Resolution No.] 2003-7 is to bring Lansdowne’s fees in concert with the fees charged in Yeadon and to enhance improvement in the Borough’s Code enforcement. Mr. Klingler stated that a comprehensive plan is in place for replacing Borough equipment and that $200,000 will need to be borrowed now on a five year note. Lansdowne Borough will no longer plow State roads thereby increasing the effectiveness of clearing Borough streets. Mr. Burke asked if the fee schedule matter should be advertised. A discussion followed concerning price and date of effectiveness issues. Mr. Burke moved to authorize the Finance Committee and Borough Manager to investigate borrowing $200,000 for replacing Borough equipment. Mr. Klingler seconded and the motion carried unanimously. Mr. Klingler stated that some Bulk Trash issues need rethinking, primarily the timing of the pickup and the high costs involved. Mr. Klingler suggested that a quarterly system might be used wherein residents could call for an appointed pickup time. Mr. Bonenberger asked if the provisions of the fee resolution that deal with doubling the license and permit fees if caught doing business without them could be implemented immediately. Mr. Klingler moved to approve Resolution 2003-7, providing a schedule of new fees for municipal services, effective June 1st, with the exception of the provisions that deal with doubling fees for those doing illegal work. Mr. Burke seconded and the motion carried unanimously. Mr. Klingler reported that former Borough Manager John Marcarelli has filed for unemployment and according to State rules the Borough of Lansdowne will be responsible for paying some of the unemployment compensation.
  11. Municipal Services — Mr. Burke asked for an opinion from Borough Council regarding not plowing undedicated streets as currently outlined in the Snow Plan. Mr. Burke and Mrs. Fryer stated they agreed with the plan as currently written. Mayor Young felt that all streets should be included in plowing efforts regardless of private or non-private status because residents pay taxes based on real estate value, not on services received. Mr. Bech suggested that all the residents on private streets hire one contractor on a standing basis to do the plowing. A discussion followed that also included trash removal on private streets. President Campuzano and Mr. Forrest felt that a tremendous amount of complaints would be received if plowing was stopped, particularly on Pennock Terrace. Mr. Forrest suggested that after fulfilling all the other obligations of plowing, if the manpower and resources are available, the plowing could be done at the discretion of the Borough staff. Mr. Bech felt that putting the expectation in place for having plowing done would create a problem. Mr. Burke suggested that everyone read the Snow Plan and have suggestions ready for the next Business Meeting.
  12. Public Safety — Mr. Burke moved to have Officers Thomas Murphy and Mark Mugler promoted to Class C Patrolman effective May 20, 2003, salary to be adjusted accordingly. Mrs. Fryer seconded and the motion carried unanimously.
  13. Zoning and Code Enforcement — Mr. Smith stated the next Zoning Committee meeting will be held on May 14th at 7:00 PM in Borough Hall. Mr. Smith reported that work has begun in the Simpson Gardens project. Mr. Smith stated that a Vacant Property Review Committee meeting will need to be set up to review three properties scheduled for demolition this year.
  14. Parks and Recreation — Mr. Borgman stated that the Skate Park Committee had questions about fund-raising approaches. Mr. Borgman stated that a brochure would be provided to donors. Mr. Bech stated that public bidding laws may have to be implemented depending upon how the brochure is worded. Mr. Borgman stated that Park Day will be held on September 6th. Mr. Borgman has asked the GLCA for a written understanding of upkeep issues at Sycamore Park. Mr. Borgman asked if the perc tests for Interboro Park were available. Mr. Forrest will check into the matter. Mr. Borgman reported that he met with Don Gephart to discuss the need for a Comprehensive Plan. The Recreation and Park Board will start reviewing the parks for long term needs, maintenance and wish lists to begin the planning process. Mr. Borgman felt a 10 year plan was necessary for the parks. The application deadline for the DCNR Comprehensive Recreation Plan Grant is October. Mr. Forrest stated that partnerships needed to be built with various Borough entities to facilitate securing this grant. Mr. Borgman moved to authorize the Borough Manager to apply for Comprehensive Plan grant money from the DCNR for Lansdowne Borough’s green space project. Mr. Klingler seconded and the motion carried unanimously. Mr. Borgman stated that the next Recreation and Park Board meeting will be held June 2nd, 7:00 PM in Interboro Park.

Old Business — None.

New Business — Mr. Burke moved to approve bill payment for the period. Mr. Smith seconded and the motion carried unanimously. Mr. Smith moved to approve Ordinance No. 1188, An Ordinance of the Borough of Lansdowne, Delaware County, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, providing for the annual inspection of rental properties. Mrs. Fryer seconded and the motion carried unanimously. A discussion followed regarding inspections with each tenant turnover versus annual inspections. Mr. Forrest stated that the Ordinance language pertaining to inspections performed for each tenant turnover could retained but not implemented until a future date. Mr. Borgman moved to amend the language in Ordinance No. 1188 to reflect that only annual inspections will be performed and to remove the language pertaining to tenancy changes. A roll call vote was taken and the motion carried 5-1 with Mr. Burke voting “nay”.
Mr. Klingler moved to execute Agreement between Delaware County and Lansdowne Borough for comprehensive planning professional services and authorizing the Borough to pay Delaware County a lump sum payment of $2,185 as the local contribution for the project. Mr. Borgman seconded and the motion carried unanimously.
Mrs Fryer moved to adjourn into Executive Session, seconded by Mr. Klingler to discuss 6 Balfour Circle. The motion carried unanimously and the meeting adjourned to Executive Session at 10:15 P.M.
There were no motions made upon reconvening into public session. Mr. Burke moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Mrs. Fryer. The motion carried unanimously and the meeting adjourned at 10:22 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Ann Henry
Borough Secretary

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