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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Borough Council General Meeting
Wednesday – September 18th, 2002

A special meeting was held before the General Meeting to discuss a proposal for a self-storage facility on the Burkholder property on Scottdale Road.

The General Meeting of the Lansdowne Borough Council was held on Wednesday, September 18, 2002 at 7:30 PM at Borough Hall. In attendance were President Campuzano, Mr. Council, Mr. Borgman, Mr. Burke, Mrs. Fryer, Mr. Klingler and Mr. Smith. Also in attendance were Mayor Young, Solicitor Bech, Borough Manager Forrest, Borough Engineer Bevilacqua, Fire Chief Herre, Treasurer Asciutto, Police Chief Kortan and Secretary Henry. Code Enforcement Officer/Building Inspector Leggoe was absent.

President Campuzano announced that the meeting was being taped by Comcast and would air on Monday, September 23rd , 7:00 PM on Cable Channel 10.

Minutes – Mr. Council moved to approve the minutes of the August 21, 2002 Borough Council General meeting. Mr. Smith seconded and the motion carried unanimously with Mr. Klingler abstaining from the vote.

Presentations and Announcements – Mayor Young introduced Geoffrey Berwind of Celebration Theater who gave an overview of the 2002/2003 season. There will now be four productions: The Woman in Black, Miracle on 34th Street, Fame and I Hate Hamlet. New seats have also been installed.

Mayor Young presented Beautification Awards to Fran and Gene Wayne of 33 E. Greenwood Avenue and Jim and Linda Morland of Pennock Terrace. Mayor Young announced that Oliver Heating and Cooling Co. would be giving away two free heaters to needy people. The nominee application deadline is November 15th.

Mayor Young announced that October 7th was the deadline for voter registration.

Mayor Young announced that some confusion exists among new Borough residents concerning bulk trash. The Mayor stated that one day per year is set aside for bulk trash pickup and that if additional services are needed, an independent trash hauler would have to be called at the resident’s expense.

Mayor Young announced that the Lansdowne Folk Club will begin it season on September 26th with Tracy Nelson and her band.

Mayor Young announced that the Lansdowne Symphony Orchestra’s opening concert will be October 27th, 3:00 PM at the Haverford School.

Mayor Young announced that the Ladies Auxiliary at the Fire House will hold a craft show on October 19th.

Treasurer’s Report – Mr. Asciutto reported that for August, total revenues amounted to $93,952.48 and total expenditures amounted to $338,846.42.

Mr. Asciutto reported that $225,000 had been deposited into the Sewer Fund.

Mr. Asciutto reported that the $100,000 fire truck loan has now been received.

Mr. Asciutto reported that the August ending balance for the civilian Employees Pension Plan was $594,896.11. Mr. Burke asked if anyone was electing pension payments from this fund and Mr. Forrest stated he would look into the matter.

Mr. Smith asked if any money had yet been received in response to the delinquent trash and sewer fee notices. Mr. Klingler stated that some money had been received and that several people were working out payment schedules. President Campuzano stated that some residents received erroneous notices due to clerical errors made in the former tax collector’s office and that steps were now being taken to rectify the errors.

Mr. Klingler moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report as read. Mr. Smith seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Engineer’s Report – Mr. Bevilacqua stated that his items would be covered under Committee reports.

Mr. Bevilacqua stated that the final PennVest waste water application is ready for Borough Council signatures.

Solicitor’s Report – Mr. Bech stated that all legal issues would be covered under Committee reports.


Council President’s Report – President Campuzano stated that the 4th annual Halloween Party would be held on October 27th, 2-3:30 PM at the Twentieth Century Club for children 12 and under.

President Campuzano reported on one follow up item. The Code Enforcement office will be monitoring all dumpsters being used in the Borough to make sure safety reflectors are in place.

President Campuzano stated that Ronnie Hawkins’ mother passed away last week and offered everyone’s thoughts and prayers for her.

President Campuzano thanked the Mayor and Borough employees for their help in conducting the September 11th ceremony.

Economic Development – Mr. Council reported that the next Economic Development Committee will be held on November 16th at 7:30 PM.

Mr. Council reported that Amy Regina Gillespie is the new Lansdowne Library Director and will begin on October 28, 2002.

Mr. Council reported that the LEDC met twice this month to review preliminary data from the market study being completed by Huffman Associates and to establish its operational plan for the upcoming year. Some of the goals for 2003 are:

  1. finalizing the LEDC’s 501(c)3 status
  2. developing an economic development plan,
  3. completing an application for the New Communities Program to raise funds for economic development,
  4. re-establishing the board to its full membership of 15, and
  5. sponsoring the Lansdowne Fine Arts Festival.

Mr. Council reported that the EDCCOG will meet on September 19th, 9:00 PM.

Mr. Council reported that funding for the joint Comprehensive Plan Update with East Lansdowne was approved by the Department of Community and Economic Development.

Mr. Council reported that the LBPA has started its annual recruiting effort.

Mr. Council reported on several programs/events being held at the Lansdowne library:

  • September is Library Sign Up Month.
  • Story Time and the Book of Tiers will resume on October 2nd.
  • Geoffrey Berwind of Celebration Theater will hold a family of ghost tales gathering on October 2nd, 6:30 PM.
  • Teen Read Week will be held October 13th through October 19th.
  • The American Cancer Society will present a breast cancer program on October 15th at 1:30 PM.
  • The first History Forum meeting will be held on September 19th at 7:30 PM.

Finance and Administration – Mr. Klingler stated that future Finance and Administration Committee meetings will now be held on the second Wednesday of every month at 7:30 PM. Mr. Klingler reported that the budgeting process is now underway.

Municipal Services – Mr. Burke thanked the Mayor for discussing the bulk trash issue.

Mr. Burke reported that Joseph Soucher and Sons has completed the 2002 Road Program and final paving on E. Plumstead Avenue has been completed.

Mr. Burke reported that Coleman Brothers will complete the Albemarle drainage problem by week’s end.

Mr. Burke reported that a meeting was held yesterday with PennDot and Borough officials regarding the replacement of the water mains on North Lansdowne Avenue. This work will begin on October 7th with completion of the piping to be done by mid-November. Paving restoration will be completed by the first week in December. Work hours for this project will be Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM. Lansdowne Avenue will be closed during these hours but access to local businesses, emergency vehicles, mail and trash services will be maintained. Detour routes are still being discussed. The project will encompass Balfour Circle to Drexel Avenue and Baltimore Avenue to Stratford Avenue. Mr. Smith stated that small business owners were concerned about losing further business during the holiday season. Mr. Burke stated that one lane of traffic heading north will be maintained during the project hours and that access to local businesses will be possible. Mr. Council suggested that signs be posted listing all the businesses to be open during the project.

Mr. Council moved to suspend the collection of metered parking fees in Municipal Parking Lot A for the duration of the project beginning October 1st through the end of 2002. Mr. Klingler seconded and the motion carried unanimously. Chief Kortan stated that signs would be placed at either end of this lot informing residents of the suspended parking fees.

Mr. Burke gave no recycling report for August.

Mr. Burke thanked Mr. Forrest for timely resolving incidents pertaining to municipal services matters.

Public Safety – Mrs. Fryer reported that the next Public Safety Committee meeting will be held on October 9th.

Mrs. Fryer reported that the new radar trailer is now in use at various sites in the Borough.

Mrs. Fryer gave the Police Company report for August: 576 incidents, 872 parking tickets; 7,433 miles traveled.

Mrs. Fryer gave the Fire Company report for August: 30 alarms, 128 hours in service, 450 miles traveled, 289 fire fighters responding with no injuries.

Mrs. Fryer stated that the Board of Health issued 3 plumbing licenses for August (28 year to date) with total year to date revenues of $1,550. Three plumbing permits were issued in August (27 year to date) with total year to date revenues of $1,235.

Mrs. Fryer reminded residents that West Nile Virus is still a real concern and anyone finding dead birds should call 911.

Zoning, Planning and Code Enforcement – Mr. Smith reported that the next Zoning Committee meeting will be held on October 8th, 7:00 PM. Mr. Smith stated that business owners are encouraged to attend this meeting to discuss a proposed Central Business District ordinance regarding allowed usages.

Mr. Smith reported that Mr. Burkholder is seeking five variances and/or special exceptions to the zoning ordinance for his property at Baltimore Avenue and Scottdale Road. This issue will be discussed at the next Zoning Hearing Board meeting scheduled for September 26th, 7:30 PM.

Mr. Smith stated that the Vacant Property Review Committee is tentatively scheduled to meet on October 1st, 7:00 PM regarding five properties.

Mr. Smith reported that the Zoning Planning and Code Enforcement Committee will meet with Yeadon officials on September 23rd, 7:00 PM to discuss updates to Lansdowne’s Code Enforcement Department and potential joint venturing with Yeadon on code issues. Mr. Smith stated that Code Enforcement Officer Leggoe had returned to work for light duty and that a classified advertisement has been placed in the Philadelphia Inquirer for additional help in the Code Enforcement office.

Mr. Smith stated that he will be attending a County Land Development and Ordinance Update meeting to be held some time in October.

Parks and Recreation – Mr. Borgman reported that Reverend Clyde Flaherty and his church have been approved for the $5 million Simpson Gardens endowment.

Mr. Borgman reported that a meeting will be held with the GLCA regarding maintenance issues at Sycamore Park. The GLCA has also indicated possible interest for providing maintenance help at the Twentieth Century Club.

Mr. Borgman stated that the Tree Advisory Board met on September 11th and that a memorial tree for Gwen Oliver will be planted at Hoffman Park. The Tree Advisory Board suggested that letters be sent to residents advising them to keep walkways clear of overhanging trees limbs. Mr. Borgman reported that a Fall Cleanup Day is being scheduled for Reservoir Park.

Mr. Borgman reported that two vacancies now exist on the Recreation and Park Board and asked for nominee suggestions.

Mr. Borgman reported that the Board is considering repairs be made to the basketball surface and poles at Belmont Park for approximately $5,000.

Mr. Klingler thanked the ministerium at St. Philomena’s Church for conducting the September 11th memorial service.

Mr. Burke moved to suspend the Rules of Order. Mr. Council seconded and the motion carried unanimously.


Edith Bassie

70 Sayers Avenue – Mrs. Bassie thanked the Police Department for their assistance in accompanying a child to school after missing the school bus.

Mrs. Bassie stated that more traffic signs should be posted on Sayers Avenue due to speeders coming down Nyack Avenue.

Mrs. Bassie stated that the grass between the buildings on Sayers and Nyack Avenues is sometimes overlooked by the Borough when sending out the crew.

Mrs. Bassie asked if Sayers Avenue would get repaved. Mr. Burke stated that this problem would be addressed for the 2003 Road Program.

John Callaghan

13 W. Greenwood Avenue – Mr. Callaghan asked about the disposition of the EPA settlement. President Campuzano stated the money would be used primarily for sewer repairs and the matter would be further discussed at the next Business Meeting.

Mr. Callaghan questioned the Twentieth Century Club repairs study. Mr. Klingler stated the repairs will be divided into separate parcels according to priority and that the $600,000 proposed figure for all needed repairs will be spread out over a period of time. Mr. Council stated that funding from other sources would also be investigated.

Mr. Callaghan questioned the costs involved in maintaining Shrigley Park and Pennock Woods if the Borough decides to acquire them. Mr. Smith stated that acquiring the parks would not unduly increase the insurance costs. President Campuzano stated that the parks, if acquired, would be used primarily for nature preservation purposes rather than recreational purposes. Mr. Burke stated that minimal money is spent by the County in maintaining the parks and the County would actually like the Borough to acquire them.

Joseph Abrams

122 McKinley Avenue – Mr. Abrams expressed his frustration in maintaining four properties he owns in the McKinley, Union and Stewart Avenues vicinity, specifically citing 113 E. Stewart Avenue as being blighted. Mr. Smith stated that the Vacant Property Review Committee is addressing the 113 E. Stewart Avenue problem and that 96 McKinley Avenue is supposed to be refurbished. Mr. Smith stated that the investigation/repair process is very time consuming and at times frustrating but that current Code enforcement policies are being expanded.

Irene Rovane

E. LaCrosse Avenue – Mrs. Rovane thanked Mr. Forrest for quickly resolving various Borough problems.

Mrs. Rovane thanked Chief Kortan for addressing the E. LaCrosse Avenue problem and organizing the meeting for the residents.

Mrs. Rovane thanked Mayor Young for her help regarding the upcoming Ladies Auxiliary Fire Company craft show.

Joe Heath

55 W. Greenwood Avenue – Mr. Heath questioned the fence ordinance, citing the condition of a fence on the southwest corner of Drexel and Owen Avenues. President Campuzano stated that this property had been inspected and the fence was within code. The Borough can only regulate the height of a fence, not its style.

Mr. Heath stated that the gutter weeds at Plumstead and Wycombe Avenues are still unsightly.

Mr. Heath questioned the status of the old fire truck. President Campuzano stated that it is currently being offered on line through a broker.

Mr. Heath asked if bulk trash could be picked up twice a year. President Campuzano stated that cost is the primary reason for not doing so.

Old Business – None.

New Business – Mr. Council moved to have the Secretary read Resolution 2002-14 (regarding the COG Application for a market study for the Baltimore Avenue Corridor and providing local match for same). Mr. Burke seconded and the motion carried unanimously. Mr. Council moved to adopt Resolution 2002-14 with Mr. Burke seconding the motion. A roll call vote was taken and with all members voting “aye” the motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Burke moved to make final retainage payment for PennVest project to Abbonizio in the amount of $52,875.94. Mr. Klingler seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Smith presented a motion to read and advertise an amendment to the zoning ordinance pertaining to allowed usages in the central business district. A discussion followed regarding the legality of certain provisions in the ordinance and the motion was tabled until further discussion.

Mrs. Fryer moved to promote Officer David Schiazza from Class D to Class C Patrolman, effective 9/5/02. Mr. Klingler seconded and the motion carried unanimously.


  • Letter from Leroy Church announcing his retirement effective 12/31/02.
  • Letter from Crawford Avenue residents regarding an alleged illegal business being operated on Crawford Avenue.

Bills – Mr. Klingler moved to have the list of bills read by the Secretary. Mr. Smith seconded and the motion carried unanimously. The list of bills was read by the Secretary. Mr. Klingler moved to authorize payment of the bills. Mr. Burke seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Burke moved to adjourn into Executive Session to discuss three issues:

  • Barry S. Burkholder, southeast corner of Baltimore Avenue and Scottdale Road.
  • Litigation issue (Vanessa Doresey vs. Signal Service etc.)
  • 62 E. Stratford Avenue.

Mr. Council seconded and the meeting adjourned into Executive Session at 9:32 PM.

Upon reconvening from Executive Session, Mr. Burke moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Mr. Council. The motion carried unanimously and the meeting adjourned at 10:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Ann Henry
Borough Secretary

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