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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Public Safety Committee
Meeting Minutes

September 9, 2009

Mayor Young
Chief Young
Chief Kortan
Mr. Schleigh, Chair
Ms. Silzle
Mr. Urban

Visitors – None

Mayor’s Corner

Workers Comp Letter for Fire Police delivered for Farmers Market

Chief Young

Firehouse Physical Plant Issues Follow Up

Emergency Access Plan

Permission Sought to use Bucket Truck for Banners

Seeking better location for banner (away from power lines)

Need help keeping fire lanes clear in front of Ardmore School

Pennwood HS need Exit Lights & Alarm repairs

Road work needed on Baltimore Ave due to Heavy truck traffic – ruts

Contacting Bill Neil of Yeadon to see if we can get Corp grant for
generator/roof repairs

Fire Siren currently being repaired (frequency issues?) – May need
lightning rod. Will seek possible digital solution.

Chief Kortan’s Updates

Hiring/Promotion Status – Swear in on 9/16/09 of Officer Doyle

Pepper Pharmacy

School Lock-Down/Essex Ave event

Upper Darby Home Invasion Event

Business Crime Event Training w/ LBPA

12 Traffic Fine Signs Approved (To be Rotated Around Various

Promotion Exam Will be scheduled in 60-90 days

Police ready for Arts festival

Police ready for Park Day

Still pursuing Traffic Advisory Committee Info from Swarthmore
Old Business

Price Quotes for Lansdowne Ave lot – Tabled

Traffic Advisory Committee _ Mr. Schleigh to obtain Swarthmore Resolution.

Board of Health Candidate Letter of Intent was reviewed. Vote to be held in
January at end of Mr. Them’s term.
New Business

Neighborhood Watch – Community Day went well. A List serve will be sent up.

County Meeting on swine Flu – Discussion of who to send. (PS President
Coleman will be attending)

Classic Towns
No Place for Hate
Storm Water
Borough Pics