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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Public Safety Committee
Meeting Minutes

September 10, 2008

Attendees: Sharon Coleman, Barbara Silzle, Joe Urban, Jayne Young, Dan Kortan, Tom Young

Visitors – There we no visitor’s comments.

Emergency Services Activities Resolution – The committee reviewed the updated resolution which references activities under which our Firefighters will be covered in the event of an accident. With minor tweaks and a review by the Bob Scott, the Borough Solicitor, the committee approved the resolution. The resolution will be presented to the full Council for approval at the 9/17 meeting.

Emergency Access Plan – Based on additional resident input, the committee revisited the parking restrictions that were planned for East and West Windermere Terrace. The changes made to the resolution were as follows: The actual footage from Baltimore Pike to the circle was listed to indicate where two-sided parking will begin and the time frame for the restriction was changed to 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. The revised resolution will be presented to full council for approval to advertise. The time frames for the communication and implementation was also discussed.

The committee also approved the listing of the remaining streets as prioritized by the Fire Chief. They are as follows:

Walsh Rd.
Gladstone Ave.
Willowbrook Ave.
Ardmore Ave.
Blackburn Ave.
Wabash Ave.
N. Maple Ave.
Hansel Ave.
Sayers Ave.
Glentay Ave. (Eldon to Belmont Park)
Albemarle Ave. (Ardmore to Belmont Park)

We also received information on the difficulty experienced by commercial haulers navigating through Rigby Avenue. The committee agreed to take the recommendation of our Borough Manager and Police Chief. The Borough Manager will be in contact with these organizations so that they could work through a resolution which could include using smaller vehicles to pick up trash at this location.

Comprehensive Crime Prevention Plan Consultant – The committee discussed whether to move forward with the use of a consultant to assist with the development of the Comprehensive Crime Prevention plan. A high level overview of the services where discussed as well as an estimated cost. The committee requested more detailed information in the form of a proposal. The 9/22 meeting will be used to walk through the proposal and have a dialogue about the proposed approach.

Pedestrian Cross Walk signs – This topic resulted from a resident’s concern over the crossing signs at Lansdowne and Runnemede that often seem to be displaced. This calls to question their effectiveness of clearly identifying the cross work. After much deliberation, it was determined that these signs are the best that there is for the moment. They bounce back to an upright position when hit and there is no way to guarantee that they will stay secure and in one place. The committee agreed to have the cross walk repainted which will assist in clearly marking its existence.

Part Time Police Officers – The committee revisited the decision to move forward with the hiring of part timer police officers. It was agreed that this pilot move forward. It is also understood that we should begin to see a decrease in a portion of the overtime realized with the addition of these officers.

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