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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Public Safety Committee
Meeting Minutes

October 14, 2009

  • Attendence: Mayor Young, Chief Kortan, M. Schleigh, Chair, Councilwoman Sizle; Arnold Moore on behalf of Chief Young
  • Approval of Minutes
  • Visitors – None
  • Mayor’s Corner – No Formal comments
  • Chief Young – Absent. Mr. Moore commented on issues to the extent possible under items below.
  • Chief Kortan’s Updates
  • Business Crime Event Training w/ LBPA was well received.
  • Traffic Fine Signs well received by public. Will be rotating.
  • Promotion Exam to beheld Dec. 3.
  • Arts festival – No issues
  • Park Day – No issues.
  • Manor Burglaries – arrest made. Property recovered.
  • Other reports

Old Business

  • Traffic Advisory Committee Info from Swarthmore – Proposed resolution reviewed. Discussion tabled for further review.
  • Comprehensive Crime Prevention Plan – discussion tabled pending inventory of current drafts and additions and making police officers available.
  • Firehouse Physical Plant Issues Follow Up – Fire Co. to work with Finance committee to generate video and letter in support of grant application to Sestak’s office.
  • Emergency Access Plan – Table pending Chief Young return.
  • Use Bucket Truck for Banners – Possible training needed if FD to use, will forward to Borough Manager for action item.
  • Banner Locations – Nyaack explored. Would likely need PennDOT and PECO approval.
  • Need help keeping fire lanes clear in front of Ardmore School – Police patrol will be upped to move cars along.
  • Pennwood HS need Exit Lights & Alarm repairs – FD to monitor repairs.
  • Road work needed on Baltimore Ave due to Heavy truck traffic – ruts – Will be forwarded to Infrastructure & PennDOT as action item due to State highway.
  • Contacting Bill Neil of Yeadon to see if we can get Corp grant for generator/roof repairs – Mr. Neil in poor health. Get well card to be sent.
  • Fire Siren currently being repaired (frequency issues?) – Latest report was that siren was not properly fixed by mnfgr. FD toget bid for lightning rod.
  • County Meeting on swine Flu – Info received from County by President Coleman and shared at Public Meeting. Will also be sent out on listserve once set up.
  • Price Quotes for Lansdowne Ave lot for Signs. 4 New signs authorized re Parking. Red existing signs to be moved to Highland Lot.
  • Cabs on Windemere Ave. – No further problems reported or violations witnessed. Will be forwarded to Codes for further investigation.
  • Crossing Guards – Have been instructed to help any person who requests assistance crossing street.

New Business

  • Neighborhood Watch – Next Community Day event Oct 24th. A List serve will be sent up. Block Captain Training Meeting scheduled for Dec. 4th.
  • Traffic Advisory Committee Resolution – tabled.
  • Animal Control Issues – stray cats, and wildlife. Recent complaint discussed.
    Current system seems adequate. Citizens to be politely directed to animal control
    on most issues.
  • Road by Belmont Park – effect on police patrol vehicles. To be monitored and discussed further with Infrastricture/
  • Fire Hazard Property – 152 Woodland Ave. Forwarded to Codes Dept. Property is in foreclosure.
  • Street Light – 269 Essex. Chief to check. List of other non-working lights
    gathered and will be forwarded to Infrastructure for major repairs.
  • Wabash Ave. – Reports of Criminal activity being monitored. Targeted area for community watch program.
  • Public Meeting in Firehouse. Discussed but rejected due to ADA accessibility
  • SEPTA Highland lot lease – will check with Borough Manager on term
  • Portable Crosswalk sign needs to be repositioned so Fire trucks can make turn into Highland lot.
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