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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Public Safety Committee
Meeting Minutes

May 14, 2008

Attendees: Sharon Coleman, Barbara Silzle, Joe Urban, Jayne Young, Dan Kortan,
Craig Totaro, Gene Wayne

Special Guest: Mike Jozwiak and Matt Black

Absent: Tom Young

Emergency Response


Several visitors attended the meeting and voiced their concern over the rumors they heard about how the emergency vehicle access issue was going to be resolved for their street, Windermere Terrace. They thought that one of the options included making their street one way. As a result, they thought that other issues would surface including speeding. In response to their concern, the committee assured them that this option was never discussed. We also confirmed that the residents will be informed of our recommendations and have an opportunity to give their input.

Gladstone Evacuation

The recent evacuation of Gladstone Towers was discussed. The committee wanted to gain a better understanding of the decision making process that led to the evacuation of Buildings A & B. The committee was satisfied that right decision was made given the potential risk to the residents.

Emergency Services Activities Resolution

The committee was asked to review this resolution by our insurance provider. This resolution outlined the activities that would be considered On-the-Job activities for which Fire Fighters would be covered. The committee reviewed the resolution and is awaiting information on what is driving the development of this resolution, what would be the impact of not adopting the resolution and are there other documents that govern this situation.

Police Items

Recruitment Status

The result of the police recruit oral examination, which was conducted by the Chair of Public Safety and two Lansdowne residents, was provided to the Public Safety Committee.

Comprehensive Crime Prevention Plan

The committee reviewed the numbers and trends behind the police incidents. As we try to develop a sound comprehensive crime prevention plan, we will begin to track items in more detail. First up is the domestic disturbance category. The goal is to develop an understanding of this pattern so that response strategies can be developed which include additional training for our officers.

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