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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Public Safety Committee
Meeting Minutes

March 11, 2008

Attendees: Sharon Coleman, Barbara Silzle, Jayne Young, Dan Kortan, Craig Totaro
Absent: Joe Urban, Tom Young

There were no visitor comments at the meeting. Katrina Brown, a communications major from Temple University, was present to observe the meeting as a course requirement.

  • Council Meeting Action Items
    • The committee determined that no changes will be made to the free parking policy. Sundays will continue to be free as well as the month of December as designated by Council.
    • The committee approved the Health Ordinance which was drafted by the Board of Health. A motion to advertise will be included under action items at Wednesday’s meeting.
  • Committee Structure/Housekeeping
    • Meetings will resume the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:00 beginning in April.
    • The committee decided to invite the chairs of the Civil Service Commission and the Board of Health to Public Safety meetings as needed. Reporting requirements for the Board of Health will be pursued.
  • SPCA/DCAC policy/usage
    • A new agreement is being worked on by Bob Scott. This agreement will state that Lansdowne should only be charged when an animal is brought to the SPCA by Animal Control. The Borough Manager is checking on the status of this agreement.
    • The Animal Ordinance that was passed at the last council meeting will serve to curtail the population issue which impacts the amount of animals that are turned in to the SPCA or captured by Animal Control.
  • Police recruiting strategy
    • The test for the advertised position will be held on April 4th. The physical agility test is scheduled for April 12th and the oral interview will be scheduled shortly thereafter.
    • The oral examination will be given by 3 Chiefs of Police and 2 residents of Lansdowne. The committee is currently searching for residents to participate in this process.
  • Chief’s Topics
    • The chief discussed the status of two officers who are out due to injury. He also presented a write up for Officer’s Craig’s promotion which will be included as a motion on Wednesday’s Council meeting agenda.
  • Future meeting Public Safety Strategy Topics (time subject to change)
    • Comprehensive Crime Prevention Plan – April, May, July
    • Emergency Vehicle Access – April, May
    • Emergency Response – May & June
    • No meeting in August
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