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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Public Safety Committee
Meeting Minutes

June 11, 2008

Attendees: Sharon Coleman, Barbara Silzle, Joe Urban, Jayne Young, Dan Kortan, Gene Wayne

Absent: Tom Young, Craig Totaro


Kathy Kaufman voiced her concern over a wall between Eldon and Scottsdale that appears to be falling and may be a safety hazard. Codes will follow up on the issue to ensure that the appropriate actions are taken.

Wrapped Vehicle Ordinance

A proposed ordinance regarding wrapped vehicles was reviewed. This ordinance would prohibit wrapped vehicles from being parked on the street in a residential district for a period exceeding one hour. This would be an amendment to the Vehicle and Traffic Code. The committee wants more information such as trends in surrounding boroughs, etc. prior to rendering a recommendation.

Ordinance regarding soliciting business

There has been an increase in door-to-door business solicitation in the Borough. Currently, there is an ordinance on the books that requires businesses to register with the Borough prior to soliciting our residents. The committee requested that the Chief ensure that this ordinance be enforced, as these situations could lead to break-ins or other unlawful activity.

Emergency Vehicle Access

There will be a neighborhood meeting with the Chair of Public Safety, Fire Chief Tom Young and the residents of East & West Windermere on Thursday, June 19 to discuss options to improve access to their street in the event of an emergency.

Emergency PECO Contact System

PECO Energy wanted 5 individuals named to be recipients of their emergency communication. Keeping those who are already involved with our Emergency Response Team: The Chief of Police-Dan Kortan, The Fire Chief-Tom Young, Mayor- Jayne Young, Borough Manager – Craig Totaro, and Codes Director- Mike Jozwiak were appointed.

Comprehensive Crime Prevention Plan

Based on the updates made to the Comprehensive Plan, the committee felt that we are at a point where the police offers, who volunteered to help with the plan, could be brought in to react to and shape the plan. A copy of the drafted plan was provided to the officers and they will be included in plan discussions beginning with next month’s meeting.

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