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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Public Safety Committee
Meeting Minutes

June 10, 2009

Attendence: Councilman Schleigh, Chair Councilwoman Silzle Chief Kortan All others excused

No member of the public present

Chief’s Report:

School Crossing Light on Shadeland Ave – No longeer r in use. No maintenance cost. PennDOT approval needed to remove. No other location where it could be used. Members present saw no need for present action.

Chief gave tour of police HQ.

Discussion of Part Time Hiring Candidates

Force all ready for July 4, 2009 duties

Traffic light at Madison & Mansfield fixed

Chief has obtained new security camera system (approved in budget). Asked for input as to where to station 5 cameras. Issue tabled for consideration by full committee. Discussion of Duties of Crossing Guards vis-a-vis non-childen (Issue raised by constiuent comment to Councilwoman Sizle)

Chief to consult with AAA training as to advising crossing guards to be conscious of needs of non-childen who may need help crossing. Chief to explain to public about Vacant Home Check program on TV and promote police website

Discussion of traffic/speed problems on Marshall road

Recommendation made to reach out to Upper Darby to see if they would be willing to join effort by having crosswalk paint that would lead to playground and act as deterrent for speeding Discussion on Gladstone Manor parking complaints by residents during “commuter parking” violation hours. Discussion centered on possible parking zones, sticker, and permits. Due to lack of consensus, issue tabled for full consideration of committee.

Discussion of creating Lansdowne safety blotter/news list possibly through website.

Discussion of potential signs to be used in Lansdowne Lot. Design proposed by Citizen Hoff. Chief to get price quotes. Chair to see if LEDC may be willing to subsidize cost.

Discussion of police presence manning Lansdowne Ave crosswalk during Farmers Market hours on periodic basis. Chief advised that of at least three officers on shift, then one officer will be asked to man said position for short period during market hours.

Health Bd. Report:

No provisions in Health Code re chicken coops

Health Inspector liely to retire and replacement must be considered

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