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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Public Safety Committee
Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2010

Approval of Minutes

Visitors – Ms. Surla of Marshall Rd. Complained about various signs in the

Mayor’s Corner

Working on Grants through Sestak and Williams’ offices for Firehouse

Chief Young Updates

Use Bucket Truck for Banners – Aeached w/ Borough

Banner Locations remaining at current locations

Keeping fire lanes clear in front of Ardmore School – resolved.

Pennwood HS Exit Lights & Alarm repair resolved. Now needs to address
chemical laab drain issues, eye wash station, and CO2 detectors

Road work needed on Baltimore Ave due to Heavy truck traffic – recent
roadwork is better but ot great

Contacting Bill Neil of Yeadon to see if we can get Corp grant for
generator/roof repairs – Sources have dried up

Fire Siren currently being repaired (frequency issues?) – Checking
warranty issues

Fire Hazard Property – 152 Woodland Ave. – Referred to Codes Dept.

Working on Grants through Sestak’s office

Movie Theater up to Fire Code for approved event

Dunkin Donuts fire was electrical. New owner intends to rebuild.

Chief Kortan’s Updates

Traffic Fine Signs – Rotation of Fine Warning signs

“Slow Down” signs tabled due to lack of interest by Public.

Highland Ave Lot changeover. Meter Head Recomissioning

Promotion Ceremony for next televised meeting.

Police Car Transmission Went and Needed to be Replaced

There will be A Homeless Census conducted by government agency.
Chief Kortan to advise community groups to request assistance.
Old Business

Neighborhood Watch Newsletter & Website- Mayor to follow up on
website status

Animal Control Issues – SPCA costs, other options – Off agenda due to
new SPCA contract. However Animal Friends will be invited for televised
meeting to talk about alternatives to shelters.

Traffic Advisory Committee info given to new members for discussion at
next meeting.

New Business

Board of Health Candidate – Marla Shawaryn McLaughlin, Ph.D. Recommended

Use of Admin Parking Spots on Lansdowne Lot – Baltimore Merchants – Chief
Kortan to invetsigate.

Grants through Congressman Sestak’s Office – discussed in Mayor’s report

Snow Emergancy Street Plan – current plan to be disseminated to all members
and to be reviewed at next meeting.

Four Year Agendas to be created at next meeting.

Neighborhood Watch Events – Officer Brown to Speak at Gladstone Manor
Ass’m meeting on 1/28/2010 at Borough Hall 7:30 PM. Discussion of having
promotional events during Town-Wide Yard Sale and either Back-to-School
Night and/or Fire Co. Open House. Discussion of other possible speaking events.
Executive Session

Civil Service Commission Candidates qualifications and possible recruitment of
candidates discussed in executive session.

Discussion of litigation related to Fire Department call response

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No Place for Hate
Storm Water
Borough Pics