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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Public Safety Committee
Meeting Minutes

August 12, 2009

Mayor Young
Chief Kortan
Mr. Schleigh, Chair
Ms. Silzle

Visitors – Presentation by Planning Commission on Proposed Bike Plan
Proposed bike plan well received. Concerns raised about engineering sections of Scottsdale road and use of one-way streets. Street symbol painting discussed. Committee agreed to be available for further consultation and advised of Marlyn Parking Steering Committee.

Mayor’s Corner
Discussion of hiring crossing guards to work Crosswalk by Farmers Market during summer. Chief Kortan to seek interest of current crossing guards. Notice to go in newsletter for Sept. training.

Crosswalk needs to be painted at Scottsdale and Lansdowne

Chief Young – Deferred

Chief Kortan’s Updates
Hiring Status – PT officer has accepted and started training. Will be sworn in at Sept. Meeting
Pepper Pharmacy – investigation continues. Similar incidents in Upper Darby and Phila. Detectives are comparing notes and may have footage of suspects.

Old Business

Parking in Gladstone Manor/Walsh Rd – Newsletter story generated one constituent call. Generally felt that awareness was raised and issues has been adequately addresses for the time being.

Price Quotes for Lansdowne Ave lot signs – Chief will see if quote can be extended 30 days while Mr. Schleigh seeks competitive price

Emergency Evacuation Plan – deferred until Chief Young available

Traffic Advisory Committee – Mr. Schleigh to draft Resolution for next business plan. Chief Kortan to seek stattus of Swartmore regulation enactment.

Board of Health Candidate – resume circulated. Deferred for receipt of LOI.

Chief has obtained new security camera system (approved in budget). Asked for input as to where to station 5 cameras. Issue tabled for consideration by full committee. Will be addressed at next Full counsel business meeting.

Health Inspector – Mr. Schleigh to speak with Mr. Them regarding wihether current inspector is still considering retirement due to return to work. Codes Committee advises against having Code Officers perform this function.

“Please slow down” Signs – Chief Kortan to obtain pricing.

New Business

Bike Plan – see discussion above

Civil Service Detective Exam – Approval on next Full council Agenda. Whether selection process will be discussed with counsel.

Officer Promotions – Approval on next Full council Agenda

Neighborhood Watch – Mr. Schleigh and Officer on Duty to Promote forming groups at Farmers Market Community Day (8/29)

Lansdowne TV – Chief Kortan to locate previous materials with Mission Statement for tv programs

Complaints of Juveniles at Various Playgrounds – Committee and Chef Kortan in agreement that an organized basketball league (es. Summer) will prevent hooliganism and deter crime in various neigborhoods. Mr. Schleigh to spearhead movement to incorporate this as part of Comprehensive Crime Prevention Plan with assistance of Parks & Recreation.

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