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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Public Safety Committee
Meeting Minutes

April 9, 2008

Attendees: Sharon Coleman, Barbara Silzle, Joe Urban, Jayne Young, Dan Kortan, Tom Young, Craig Totaro, Gene Wayne


Several visitors attended the meeting and voiced their concern about the recent incident involving the attack on one of our residents by a group of teenagers. The residents wanted to know what happened and provided suggestions on what they thought would help our community. Suggestions included: bike patrols, community policing, Cop baseball cards, and other methods that connect the police to the community. One resident also asked for more information regarding setting up a Neighborhood Watch. The Chief provided the residents what with what occurred with the incident as well as encouraged residents to contact the police immediately if they come across what they feel is suspicious activity.

Council Meeting Action Items

The committee discussed the issue of illegal parking at WAWA primarily by commercial vehicle. We decided that the police will continue to patrol that area when the issue is most apparent in the morning and Chief Young will also reach out to his peers to make sure that the rules involving following parking regulations are embraced.

Emergency Vehicle Access

Emergency Access for some of our most challenging streets was discussed. It was decided that we would pilot an approach that would include one side of the street parking on East and West Windermere. Tom Young will draft a communication plan and approach for the next meeting.

Police Items

Recruitment Status – The chief updated us on the status of the recruitment of a replacement police officer. The written test has been completed, the Physical Agility test was completed this Saturday and the Oral examination will be completed shortly.

The Civil Service Commission selected two citizens and 1 citizen alternate tao participate in the Oral Examination.

The committee allowed the Chief to proceed with restoring the list of Turnkey employees. It was also determined that due to the nature of this position; this should no longer come before Council and will be under the descretion of the Police Chief.

The committee reviewed the draft of the Comprehensive Crime Prevention plan. More detail around statistics will be provided by the chief. The team will have additional meetings to discuss shaping the plan. Officers from our police department will be included in this discussion.

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