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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Public Safety Committee
Meeting Minutes

April 8, 2009


Mayor Young; Fire Chief Young; Police Chief Kortan; Michael Schleigh, Chair
Visitors: Bill Neil & Mary Nixon, Yeadon Emergency Coordinators

Featured Presentation

Neil and Nixon provided a multitude of information on how Lansdowne can start its own Emergency Coordination Tea, and effectuate Emergency Response Plan. Chief Young to work with Mr. Neil in updating plan and developing contacts. Mr. Schleigh to take on-line NIMs training. Chief Young to obtain copy of Pennwood HS evacuation plan

Mayor’s Corner Report

Pedestrian zone to be painted outside Towers on Scottsdale road when weather permits.

Complaint of streetlight out on parking lot by School. Determined to be school property. Mayor to contact local school board members to request assistance in replacing light. Bike Patrols to resume within the month.

Chief Young Report

Rep. Micozzie represents that up to $250,000 may be available in grants for physical plant repairs, but check would be made to Fire Co. and not borough. Fire Co. will be required to provide status of 501(c)

(3) status.
Would like President Coleman to continue with Emergency Access Plan public meetings. Mr. Schleigh to consult with town’s insurance carrier (and solictor) for insight as to town’s potential liability for not having passable streets due to car’s blocking emergency vehicle access.

Consideration of global ordinance concerning one-sided street parking to accommodate emergency vehicles. Need to change ordinance to allow disable parking spot on Highland Avenue in front of firehouse.

Chief Kortan Report

Citizens Panel for Part-Time Officer will meet April 23 5:30 pm

Parking machine in Lansdowne Theater lot programmed to take all denominations of change, but will only register $0.25 increments (for an hour), excess money over such increments is returned. Cost to reprogram machine to accept lower money/time increments is quoted at $1000.

Decision as to whether machine should be reprogrammed to be presented to counsel. Suggestion that sticker be placed on machine advising that it requires $0.25 minimum to be considered legally parked in interim.
Signs alerting to parking machine to be added on reverse of existing signs so said signs will face into parking lot. Chief to contact Haverford Police to determine how to obtain similar “Pay here” sign as Brookline lot.

Suggestion that decision be made as to how Highland lot should be calibrated based on above discussion, before final conversion from meter parking.

Discusion of Economic Development’s proposal of pedestrian easment by 21 N Lansdowne Ave poses no police concerns. If area becomes pedestrian right-of-way it is believed that owners will require easement for vehicle access through Highland lot. Solictor should consulted about possible liability issues regarding whether lighting need be provided and what future ramifications there may be if there is future use change of Highland lot (Solicitor to provide advise on possible reversion clause in any grant of easement). Additional suggestion as to whether Theater Corporation would consider such an easement along south side of building into Highland lot which may pose less legal questions as walkway leads to lot access.

Old Business

Comprehensive Crme Prevention Plan Approach – Mayor and Chief Kortan both raised frustration re development of plan to date. After lengthy discussion, Mr. Schleigh advised that as a new person to process that he would go on a minimum of 3 police ride-a-longs to listen and learn officers’ points of view, and plan would be tabled for the meanwhile.

New Business

Theater Crosswalk Safety – Consideration given to additional signs. Chief Kortan advises that a flashing light is an option. Based on experience with Wild Arms crosswalk, most motorists will ignore flashing lights. Chief Kortan advises that prior experience with empty police car at crosswalk had no deterrent effect. Mr. Schleigh suggested having patrol officers ticket violators.

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