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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Infrastructure Committee

September 28th, 2010

Craig Totaro
Billy J. Smith
Stephen Wagner
Eileen Mulvena Bill Johnson
Ken Laverty

Visitors/Public Comment
No visitors or public comment

Old Business

  1. 2010 Sewer – Marlyn Park: Discussed permit to cross Avery Run submission to DEP and Garguile (Contractor). Discussed crossing AR and locating manhole as well as repairing connections as necessary. Discussed completion of work and State contract. Instituform will line from Bermont road up to Marlyn Park entrance after Garguille work is complete.
  2. DELCORA Lateral Report – Materials created by DELCORA have been put on the website. Links are on the website and can be used as reference if the Borough receives lateral line complaints from residents.
  3. Discussed and presented 2010 Paving Priority final list
  4. PA Conservation Works! – Street and Traffic Lights

    Light analysis is pending.
    Survey Phase – complete
    Traffic LED’s underway
    Street lights to follow

  5. Theatre Crosswalk – Reviewed plan. Awaiting review of Bollard samples
  6. Resurfacing Interboro and Hays Basketball Courts – Complete
  7. Marlyn Park Wall – No update yet. Borough Engineer to get status from vendor.
  8. Gateway Park – Engineering phase is still ongoing. Land agreement with County pending. Discussed possibility of potential reimbursement for funds spent thus far.
  9. Hoffman Park streambank restoration – Awaiting receipt of permit to begin work meeting with Dave Williams Thursday to soften stream bank which will in turn reduce erosion activity.
  10. Reservoir Park streambank restoration – Awaiting receipt of permit to begin work meeting with Dave Williams Thursday
  11. NDI Billing Cycle – The Borough is current.
  12. Letter to PennDot – Letter to PennDot reviewed seeking repair of roadway at Baltimore Avenue and Scottdale Road. – The Borough has not received any word as to the status of the request. It is likely that it was not considered by PennDot.

New Business

  1. Pennock Terrace – Discussed the condition of a 54″ storm sewer drain that caused a sinkhole that has since been fixed to develop. Discussed addressing resident concerns regarding aesthetic integrity after completion of repairs.
  2. Library Rain Garden – American Rivers in conjunction with Delaware County has offered a grant to create a rain garden at the Lansdowne Library. The project will not cost the Borough any funds to develop and training for the project’s maintenance will be provided.
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