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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Infrastructure Committee

May 25th, 2010


Eileen Mulvena
Kevin Laverty
Craig Totaro

Old Business

I. Sanitary Sewer

  1. Restoration of E. Essex
    • $60,296.00 cost of work to date. As of May 26th not yet paid. This will come from the sewer fund.
    • Restoration / paving is overdue. JJD will perform base restoration May 27, 2010. Work will be done under the existing (2009) sewer contract. The winning 2010 liquid fuels bidder will perform final restoration.
  2. Root Treatment of 6 and 8 Sewer Lines
    • This work was postponed from last week to this week.
    • As of May 25th this work will happen June 7th ($4,000).
  3. Mapping Project
    • Streetlight GIS basemap is complete. Craig contacted Dan at the county May 25th. Dan will produce streetlight geo-gps-locations for all PA Conservation Works target municipalities and to defer mapping of the sewer manholes until street lights are completed.
    • Old map of Lansdowne street light information will be consolidated into the shapefile and used in conjunction with the PA Conservation Works Grant Project.
    • When sewer MH’s are digitized they will be done so as points/nodes and a connected sewer network. MH’s will contain ID’s, Line work will contain direction and diameter.
  4. Bryn Mawr/ Eldon Avenues
    • Will try to dig for MH this week. – MH discovered and marked (April 27th)
    • A second mahole is still missing June 1st MH 97 to 97a will be video’d – this should pinpoint remaining MH.
    • Proposed plan is for JJD to pipe burst, new MH, new alignment as necessary
    • This outcome of this investigation and work informs Marlyn Park lining schedule and scope.
  5. Marlyn Park Lining – (May 25th) site visit complete. Estimates forthcoming

II. Storm Sewer

  1. Lansdowne Avenue and Pennock Terrace
    • Lansdowne avenue section: work performed 04/01/10. Complete. $3,884.50
    • Pennock Terrace section waiting (Aqua) realignment of water main. ($570.00 to date).
    • May 25th – reduced scope of inlet box due to inability to realign water main.
    • AF Damon to complete job upon delivery of new box
    • This is a 2009 LF approved project – both sections.
  2. Scottdale Road at Shrigley Park
    • Deferred to mid-summer. Area needs to be much dryer. This project will be performed in-house

III. 2009 Paving

  1. Green Street – AF Damon will do this under the 2009 contract. Est is $25,000. Completed for final cost of $31,474 which includes $5,500 base repair. (completed – final cost $31,400)
  2. 2010 Paving and storm: Bill Johnson and Chief Kortan will survey streets this week if possible. May 25th – inventory of street conditions complete. May 27th prioritization.
    • Kevin will identify 4+ inlets for repair.

IV. New Business

  1. Library Air Conditioning – repaired, operational. Fingers crossed but it looks good.
  2. Street lights (PA Conservation Works! and Manor outages, gaps)
  3. MH 241 and 242 Infiltration
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Storm Water
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