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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Infrastructure Committee

March 9th, 2010


Billy Smith – BS
Michael Schleigh – MS
Craig Totaro – CT
Eileen Mulvena – EM/NDI
Bill Johnson – BJ
Kevin Laverty – KL

Sanitary Sewer

Restoration of E. Essex

  • KL will confirm PECO’s responsibility for base restoration. At least one month settling period before JJD mill/paves final restoration work. This will complete the physical part of this project.
  • Administrative: JJD will deliver project detail/invoice for work completed to date to NDI for review. JJD will invoice borough for final restoration. Final restoration can be applied to Liquid Fuels for 2010. This will complete 2009 sewer project. Linden Avenue is still being reviewed.

Root Treatment of 6″ and 8″ Sewer Lines

  • KL secured an estimate of $1.59/ft for 1,200LF minimum through Duke’s. Without getting “official” quotes, up to $4,000 can be spent. Duke’s will be in the area next month. Committee approved doing this work in areas surveyed showing dense root presence.
  • Committee discussed breaking Borough into districts that are aligned with existing recycling districts. If one district is done each year (in addition to known problem areas that require more frequent cleaning), then entire system would be cleaned on an 8 year cycle. BJ and KL will record elements of a schedule/plan as an outcome of this initial 2,500 foot project.


  • NDI has investigated the county as a resource to perform digital survey of manholes, sewer lines, street lights, and other physical attributes owned by the Borough. This service is available, free of charge, through the county planning officer. The product is an AutoCAD compatible DWG formatted file that can be printed and updated. The data is accurate to within 3m so field verification would still be required before starting a project. The Committee approved pursuing this work. CT will follow up with County.

Bryn Mawr/ Eldon Avenues

  • KL televised the line from where it leaves the dead end to cross through the wooded area over Avery Run to Eldon Avenue. Specifically from MH 96 (Eldon) to MH 97 (easement) = 222 LF. It was discovered that at 192 LF pipe collapse begins and then ends at 205 LF.
  • KL will walk off and locate. Access will be difficult for dig since lining will not be possible with broken line. Also, it looks like the pipe may go at a 45 deg angle from Bryn Mawr down slope. Will know more if M/H can be located.
  • NDI to check tax map to see who owns property where line likely is run.
  • This project will develop independent of the Marlin Park lining project.

Marlyn Park Lining

  • NDI will package necessary information from last year’s bid documents and enlist cost from instituform for approximately 1,400 feet of lining. The amount of lining we actually do will expand or contract depending on the cost of the Bryn Mawr/Eldon segment.


  • NDI is researching a composite (non-metal) MH frame and cover. These are more expensive; but much easier to work with and more difficult to steal.

Storm Sewer

Lansdowne Avenue and Pennock Terrace

  • Lansdowne/Pennock repair to begin 3/15/10. This project is a storm sewer project and an approved Liquid Fuels project approved on the 2009 schedule ($15,000). KL indicated Aqua will be doing work on Scottdale at the same time. Damon (Contractor) should not affect traffic on Lansdowne; but, staff will keep Aqua in mind for schedule and traffic conflicts if such arise.

Baltimore Avenue Inlets

  • KL has marked location of 2 inlets on Baltimore to be rehabbed as part of 2009 streets program. This will happen in advance of or immediately after Pennock Project. This project is a storm sewer project and an approved Liquid Fuels project approved on the 2009 schedule ($9,000).

Scottdale Road at Shrigley Park

  • Scottdale Road at Shrigley Park maintains a recurring storm water problem where water pools and encroaches onto the roadway causing recurring potholes and deterioration of the roadway base. NDI and KL recommend the construction of a swale. The highway Staff will construct and install material – (labor in house, material approximately $2,500). Chargeable to line 436.

Union Avenue Flooding

  • Ongoing feasibility will require that borings test for bedrock the discovery of which would render the project infeasible. Perk test would also need to be performed.
  • New information collected for the CDBG application computed that 35 acres of surface area flow to the ground zero flood zone. The containment volume needed to attain a 10 year flood level is estimated to cost $1m.
  • Alternatives were discussed all of which have various advantages and limitations including:
    • a large underground containment structure at the intersection of Bartram and Union Avenue.
    • Percolation structure where the existing line runs to the east.
    • An array of inlet-box-percolation structures (inlets to nowhere) across the 35 acres.
    • Purchasing Allied Chemical plant
    • Partnering with other municipalities for a cooperative project
    • H20 2010 grant monies
    • Interboro park
    • Pursuit of a nuisance (legal angle)

2009 Paving

Green Street

  • Green is still outstanding from 2009 as Aqua was not out of the area when it came time to do our paving work. AF Damon (contractor) will resurface when able to do so and this will complete FY 2009 approved project. ($26,368)

Belmont Park Paper Street

  • Aggressive storm water runoff from the neighborhood causes washing out of the gravel on Belmont. This creates annual demand for refreshing stones at a cost and also creates a point of damage for vehicles traversing the area. Several options are being considered. Additional feasibility and inspections are needed.
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