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The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania The Borough of Lansdowne Pennsylvania

Infrastructure Committee

July 28, 2009 – 7:30 pm

Present: Billy Smith, Michael Schleigh, Craig Tortaro, Stephen Wagner
Guests: Eileen Mulvena, Wardell Holt

1. Acquisition and projects cost for HVAC Unit in 20th Century Club

The Borough is currently awaiting the receipt of an opinion from a consultant with the Historical Commission to ensure that the the review of the 20th Century Club Air Conditioning Capacity drafted by Robert J. Sauer PE complies with the mandates for buildings appearing on the National Historic Registry. The Committee expects an answer within a month.

2. Discussion about Potential Darby Creek Joint Authority (“DCJA”) Appointee for Lansdowne, Wardell Holt

The committee reviewed Mr. Holts resume and letter of interest as well as discussed generally with Mr. Holt his interest in serving on the DCJA. Mr. Holt expressed that his experience as a consultant for Accenture may serve as an invaluable asset in the DCJA position, as he is familiar with the importance of public relations and the importance of “spin” when working with many entities that are working for a common purpose, but whom may not all share a common goal.

Mr. Schleigh recounted his experience as a member of the DCJA to Mr. Holt and the Committee and stated that there is a need for someone to serve Lansdowne’s interests as a “watch dog” for the Borough’s funds paid as sewer fees. Mr. Schleigh and Mr. Tortaro next provided Mr. Holt and the Committee with an overview of the current sewage fee system. Mr. Tortaro next provided Mr. Holt with a brief overview of the physical structure of the Lansdowne Borough sewage system. Mr. Smith gave Mr. Holt a copy of the latest water infiltration study provided to the Borough. Mr. Tortaro next explained the difference between DCJA and DELCORA. The discussion regarding the differences between DCJA and DELCORA resulted in a protracted talk about fee structures and as a result the Committee asked Mr. Tortaro to request a report of flows and fees charged to Philadelphia by DELCORA.

Mr. Smith made a motion to nominate Mr. Holt as the Infrastructure Committee’s choice as Lansdowne’s next DCJA representative. The Motion passed. Mr. Tortaro will include Mr. Holts interest materials for review by Borough Council on 08/19/09 and at this time Mr. Smith hopes to make a motion for Mr. Holt’s approval as the DCJA appointee for the Borough.

3. Removal/Replacement of redundant signage in Lansdowne

The Committee agreed that the Borough needs to assess what, if any, street signs can be removed. The signs at issue include the multiple “Welcome to Lansdowne” signs that can be found either scattered throughout the Borough and/or older signs that once served a purpose, but have lost their utility due to a change in circumstance (i.e. Deaf Child sign where there is no longer a hearing impaired child in the area, etc.) Mr. Tortaro agreed to drive around the Borough to identify any such signs. Mr. Smith volunteered to assist in this effort.

4. Theatre Crosswalk (Update and/or less expensive temporary options)

Ms. Mulvena will speak with a representative of Penndot about the theatre crosswalk and try to receive confirmation that if curb “bump-outs” are installed it will indeed be a legal structure. Mr. Scheligh expressed the concerns of the Police Chief that the crosswalk is a hazard that may put the Borough at risk for litigation should someone be injured attempting to cross the street. Mr. Scheligh stated that he believed that awareness about the crosswalk had increased up until this past weekend when motorists ignored the crossing guard volunteer on multiple occasions.
Mr. Smith suggested the usage of crossing flags for pedestrians crossing the street at the crosswalk as a temporary stopgap until the Borough is able to construct a safer crosswalk. The committee disagreed with this suggestion stating in sum that the flags would be stolen.

5. Update on Road Repair (Union Ave. Sewer Project)

Ms. Mulvena stated that the work on Union Ave. is complete and we are currently waiting for the ground to “settle” so the final asphalt can be applied to the spots that were dug up to repair sewer lines. Cost: $14,210.

6. Sewer Laterals (Note, item 6 was originally slated as Executive Session.)

Mr. Tortaro provided the committee with a letter drafted by Kevin Laverty on July 28, 2009 detailing an exchange he had with a resident at 202 Wayne Avenue regarding the appearance of a sinkhole in front of the residents property. Mr. Laverty stated in his letter that the resident’s lateral sewage line is likely responsible for the sinkhole and that until the lateral sewage line is repaired the sinkhole problem will persist.

The committee discussed the Borough’s options and determined that we need to research whether as a Borough we can charge a seperate “lateral maintenance fee” in which each resident will contribute to pay for the cost of lateral lines extending to the street that create sinkholes or other damage to public roadways. Ms. Mulvena stated that Brookhaven currently has a system in place to deal with this issue and that essentially, each resident pays approximately $4 per year to pay for the 3 – 4 lateral line repairs that occur annually and an additional $20 per year to address catastrophic lateral line failures annually.

Mr. Totaro stated that Wayne Avenue is slated for repair in the near future. The Committee agreed that because the sinkhole is not a deep depression and is not in any immediate danger of becoming worse, we should use the funds slated for Wayne Ave. to be used for another street in need of repair that does not have a lateral line issue that would result in more repair in the very short term. Mr. Totaro provided map of Lansdowne detailing street repaving for council review and action at the August 19th meeting. Repaving will commence late in the summer. Paving is concentrated in the NE section of the Borough where conditions are bad and Aqua PA is doing a lot of work. Early cost estimates are approximately $140,000. Mr. Totaro then detailed the areas where AQUA PA will conduct street digs in 2010. The plan will be to follow Aqua PA in their street digs in 2010 to defray the cost to the Borough.

7. Executive Session

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